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lana22 December 1, 2020

The evidence that proved it was a 12 month pregnancy was menstruation stopped and a pregnancy test? Could of miscarried first baby without realising (missed miscarriage) and quickly became pregnant again. Menstruation can stop for numerous other reasons not related to pregnancy. I doubt the validity of such tests to prove it was in fact a 12 month pregnancy.

lana22 October 12, 2020

Do the winners of these get published somewhere?

lana22 September 28, 2020

I think wearing foundation/base makeup is a personal choice and if you feel great wearing none good for you. Personally I am most confident and happy wearing heavy foundation and concealer due to severe rosacea. It’s not nice when people constantly comment on my “sunburn” etc. I have even been asked if I am “an alcoholic” due to the redness of my skin. Comments regarding my skin occur most often when I am not wearing heavy foundation. And no I am not sunburnt and nor do I drink alcohol at all. If people are now ok with flaws etc why do people even strangers feel the need to make constant comments about mine?

Lana April 24, 2017

I've got a cousin 2 years older whose mother taught him he doesn't have to share among other things as her reasoning was adults don't have to. At now 36 he has no friends, never had a partner and still lives at home with mummy and shows no interest in anyone but himself. I'm bringing up my 2 kids to encourage sharing as it's part of life. I completely understand and agree with the author kids shouldn't be expected to share their personal toys with random strangers and can see this lady was clearly encouraging sharing with her friends kids. There was no need for the name calling and the angry rant though, there's millions of kids around the world going hungry - first world problems..