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carmel79 May 12, 2022

I remember the movie, i think stephen dorff was in it but what a tragic ending to all of it and how horrific that the perpetrators weren't sufficiently imprisoned after what they did.

carmel79 April 24, 2022

I struggled with infertility issues due to pcos and finally at age 40 i was blessed with my beautiful boy. I am also married to a much younger man. I do worry that when he is 20 i will be 60 but im hoping he will keep me young and i just won't look like im 60.

carmel79 February 3, 2022

I struggled for many years to have a baby to finally fall pregnant a few months before i turned 40. Had bub nov 2019 and the world changed march 2020 so my first year as a mum was nothing like i expected so yes things can change so suddenly i do wish i could've had him earlier but then id be suffering with homeschooling

carmel79 December 19, 2021

In saying that though there is an episode where mum needs 20mins to herself and dad tries to entertain the kids so she gets her peace, he is also sporting a mullet in this episode (so hilarious) so while it may not have that message in this episode they do actually do an episode with that message an explaining to bluey why mum needs some time to herself sometimes.

carmel79 September 10, 2021

I just watched clickbait, another great 8 part show that has twists and turns and take you on a ride. I wish ted lasso was on something other than apple tv i would like to watch it but i don't want apple tv.

carmel79 August 26, 2021

I love watching the paralympics and already have shed a tear hearing their stories. I am so glad its more accessible now to watch and gets more coverage now than it ever used to.

carmel79 July 10, 2021

After 17yrs of trying i finally had my son at age 40. I was hoping to have more than 1 but he's been the perfect baby. Sleeps well, drank well. We are nlw at toddler stage and he's more of a handful now but  we have decided to stay as a trio. I sometimes dream of another child but in reality. Im 42 and already tired with juggling work and an active child and plus the factor of finances and what if the next child is a monster with  sleeping.  I never thought id have a child after yrs of trying so im blessed to even have my son.

carmel79 May 31, 2021

My parents live 5hrs away and my nearest family is 2hrs away. When my sister had her children my mum stayed with her for 2 weeks to help her settle into her new role. By the time i had my boy it was too difficult for my mum to offer the same help. I did feel very lonely those  first couple of weeks and help would've been great as i had an emergency c-section and at one point was juggling a machine attached to my healing scar and a new born while i went to the toilet. I was also home alone at night with bub when i had to call the ambulance due to an infection. To have someone nearby i could rely on especially those first 6 weeks after birth would've been helpful.

carmel79 May 21, 2021

Its a vicious  cycle. They go into care so parents can work and earn  money, a parent can't work because child has to stay home sick, parent still pays child care fees even though no income might be coming in as they have no leave. Last year was particularly annoying as i was getting calls to come get him as he was emotional. He wasn't even 1, like what the hell is that.

carmel79 May 21, 2021

My ex husband took my engagement ring back. He was the one that broke the promise though and i think he wanted it back to pawn. I only gave it back cos i thought i had to, i also wasnt too fond of it and i just didn't want it around.

carmel79 May 14, 2021

@snorks yep, never seen rear window but reading this i thought of it straight away cos I've seen the simpsons lol

carmel79 May 10, 2021

I like the boyfriend jeans but wehether they'll look good on me is a different story. I love the style of flares that arent tight on the legs and dont cut you in half cos its tight on the stomach. I miss the jeans i had when i was 16.

carmel79 May 4, 2021

I finally had a child at the age of 40 after struggling to have a child. I found out i was pregnant march 2019 and had an appointment  booked in april 2019 to see my dr and had decided i was going to say lets do ivf as the fertility drugs weren't working  So i was lucky there. My pregnancy was wonderful but in the moment i was stressing about it as i was worried of losing him and i did wonder if id ever be a mum. But because i had him at such a late stage i hope he doesnt feel he missed out on having siblings

carmel79 April 17, 2021

Omg what a sad, sad story. I have no words to express the immemse sadness i feel for the lawyer and Blanche.

carmel79 April 6, 2021

I did shed a tear watching the last episode, was a great little fun sitcom

carmel79 March 30, 2021

Its horrible to hear that this is still happening  in 2021. I have a client who was in an abusive marriage back in the 70's/80's and one day she rocked up to a police station bruised and bleeding from a horrible beating and the police officer told her he couldnt see anything wrong with her and to go home and cook her husband dinner. It just makes me so angry and breaks my heart at the same time.

carmel79 December 30, 2020

When i met my husband i was a smaller size but eventually gained weight through our relationship. He told me i had lied to him about my weight, would ask if i was happy with my weight and would suggest we go walking together. Just slight things like that, that would have me thinking about my weight. Then going through our divorce i lost heaps of weight as the thought of food just made me sick as i was going through a stressful time and then when he would see me he said he was concerned about me so i couldn't  win

carmel79 August 29, 2020

I get where you are coming from with the mothers group but from the other end. Im 41 and struggled to have a baby. At 40 was finally blessed with my gorgeous son. I have been in a mothers group since January but was finally able to attend an outing with them for the first time this past week and never again. I felt very awkward, they are mostly in their 20's the second oldest is about 5-6yrs younger than me but I found i couldn't connect with them, I left feeling quite upset so think I might stick with meeting up with a work colleague who has a 1yr old, she is also in her twenties but she knows what i've been through and I can be myself around her. I shudder to think what school will be like but I'm already trying to tell myself that I don't need to be friends with his friends mum I just need to be polite.

Carmel Patricia March 28, 2020

Id also like to know why those 2 straight guys went along with marrying him. That seemed odd too. What were they getting out of it if anything.