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carmel79 December 30, 2020

When i met my husband i was a smaller size but eventually gained weight through our relationship. He told me i had lied to him about my weight, would ask if i was happy with my weight and would suggest we go walking together. Just slight things like that, that would have me thinking about my weight. Then going through our divorce i lost heaps of weight as the thought of food just made me sick as i was going through a stressful time and then when he would see me he said he was concerned about me so i couldn't  win

carmel79 August 29, 2020

I get where you are coming from with the mothers group but from the other end. Im 41 and struggled to have a baby. At 40 was finally blessed with my gorgeous son. I have been in a mothers group since January but was finally able to attend an outing with them for the first time this past week and never again. I felt very awkward, they are mostly in their 20's the second oldest is about 5-6yrs younger than me but I found i couldn't connect with them, I left feeling quite upset so think I might stick with meeting up with a work colleague who has a 1yr old, she is also in her twenties but she knows what i've been through and I can be myself around her. I shudder to think what school will be like but I'm already trying to tell myself that I don't need to be friends with his friends mum I just need to be polite.

Carmel Patricia March 28, 2020

Id also like to know why those 2 straight guys went along with marrying him. That seemed odd too. What were they getting out of it if anything.

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