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mamamia-user-236023277 March 23, 2022

Disappointing to see that harrassment at University hasn't improved since I was first there in 1993.

mamamia-user-236023277 March 22, 2022

$23 million and no one charged. Sounds like someone went to a lot of effort to hide their crime. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 17, 2022

Perhaps the men at the beach in Perth who rated women should be forced to sit and watch that ad for a few hours. 

mamamia-user-236023277 February 14, 2022

Please, no more bike shorts as work wear! Leave them for the gym or actually being on a bike. 

mamamia-user-236023277 February 14, 2022

They get paid for every week they are on the show. Is it any wonder they write "stay" when they hate each other?

mamamia-user-236023277 February 8, 2022

Shagged 350 women, but needs to go on a fake marriage reality tv show to find a partner. I hope he's had a STI test. 

mamamia-user-236023277 February 4, 2022

How hypocritical that those who promote love, acceptance and tolerance want the legal right to discriminate against others who don't share their views. 

mamamia-user-236023277 February 1, 2022

"He's distraught about being in custody", imagine how her parents feel. 

mamamia-user-236023277 February 1, 2022

Disgusting. Cut off all state and federal funding today. 

mamamia-user-236023277 January 26, 2022

"Churches" like these should not be protected or get tax breaks. 

mamamia-user-236023277 January 25, 2022

I have 2 friends with 11 month gaps between siblings. People do have sex after birth and get pregnant again more quickly that they anticipated. 

mamamia-user-236023277 January 20, 2022

I've had two IUDs and didn't have a period for 7 years until the Pfizer vaccine....6 months of periods before it settled down.

mamamia-user-236023277 December 30, 2021

Normal people was excellent but The Undoing was unwatchable, mostly because Nicole's face doesn't move and we are all over Hugh Grant's charming act. 

mamamia-user-236023277 December 22, 2021

Far too much slapping, choking and anal in  porn these days. 

mamamia-user-236023277 December 21, 2021

This is a crazy story, but I just can't understand how she thought she was in a "relationship" for 10 years with someone she had never met in person. 

mamamia-user-236023277 December 10, 2021

Hatfishing is old news, it's now Maskfishing

mamamia-user-236023277 December 8, 2021

I'm not sure a strike will solve any of those problems highlighted. More pay won't necessarily attract a Maths teacher to a rural area. I left the public education sector when they couldn't offer me a job as a Science teacher with 15 years of experience anywhere in Metro Sydney. 

mamamia-user-236023277 November 23, 2021

Sorry, but they look awful! 

mamamia-user-236023277 November 18, 2021

She'll appear after "re-education" and apologise publically. Poor woman.

mamamia-user-236023277 October 23, 2021

It sounds like farmers have been ripping off backpackers for years and its finally caught up with them.