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mamamia-user-236023277 November 23, 2021

Sorry, but they look awful! 

mamamia-user-236023277 November 18, 2021

She'll appear after "re-education" and apologise publically. Poor woman.

mamamia-user-236023277 October 23, 2021

It sounds like farmers have been ripping off backpackers for years and its finally caught up with them. 

mamamia-user-236023277 October 23, 2021

I was body shamed at 13 for having larger boobs than other girls my age. I spent over a decade hiding under large oversized t-shirts. 

mamamia-user-236023277 October 8, 2021

Those one piece costumes are so expensive!

mamamia-user-236023277 October 5, 2021

He's a very conservative Catholic who voted against the decriminalization of Abortion and against same sex marriage. You have been warned NSW. 

mamamia-user-236023277 October 1, 2021

Seeing a psychic and any time is a waste of money. 

mamamia-user-236023277 September 28, 2021

No more bike shorts!!

mamamia-user-236023277 September 23, 2021

Private school boys with rich parents get away with everything. 

mamamia-user-236023277 September 19, 2021

I've had messed up periods for 5 months after getting 2 Pfizer jabs. Why isn't that mentioned more? 

mamamia-user-236023277 April 12, 2021

The military junta is never going to give up power and they don't care what the rest of the World thinks. Everyone who can get out, should now before the whole country ends up as a cross between The Handmaid's Tale and a mediaeval dictatorship. We must support the refugees on the borders. 

mamamia-user-236023277 April 7, 2021

Make guns even harder to buy. 

mamamia-user-236023277 April 5, 2021

Probably married, more than half the guys on dating apps are these days. 

mamamia-user-236023277 April 2, 2021

What I really liked about this series is we see the aftermath for him and how it has messed him up for years. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 23, 2021

A work colleague got divorced last year. She said she got sick of taking care of 3 children, when she only had 2. She's much happier now and he probably eats a lot of takeaway. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 12, 2021

The government had months and months to plan the vaccine roll out. Rather than "couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery" , I'm going to use "couldn't organize a vaccine roll out in a pandemic". 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 11, 2021

@nessa Just because you didn't have that experience, doesn't mean it didn't happen to hundreds of other women. I also worked at a private boys school and never wore a skirt or anything form fitting after my first few weeks where the boys kept dropping pens on the floor intentionally and asking me to pick them up. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 3, 2021

Is she Spanish? I wonder how many Australians mispronounce that name. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 2, 2021

Aged care facilities have known for years that they didn't have enough staff and didn't pay them enough and have done nothing about it. They won't make any changes until forced to by law. 

mamamia-user-236023277 March 1, 2021

Bread is only baked twice a week?