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Mia Freedman March 2, 2017

I can't think of anything weirder than watching your husband have sex with someone else on a giant screen.
Or a small screen OR ANY SCREEN.

Mia Freedman July 22, 2016


Mia Freedman February 16, 2015


Mia Freedman November 9, 2014

How nice was the house! They had to kick me out because I wouldn't leave.....I wanted the owners to adopt me and let me sleep on the kids' trundle.

Mia Freedman September 3, 2014

And - IF YOU REALLY WANT TO - you can post your tummy selfies on social or here #tummyselfies

Mia Freedman August 21, 2014

Such humbling words. Ana you rock. xxxxxx

Mia Freedman August 20, 2014

bahahahahha! Boots and pants FOR SURE.

Mia Freedman August 20, 2014

Tonight was the first episode I watched! Now your posts are even more hilarious if that was ever possible. xxxxx

Mia Freedman August 4, 2014

The fact that Kevin Andrews is our federal minister for social services and yet represents the Australian people at a conference in which the most repugnant views are shared? He must withdraw and so must any others there in an official capacity. What's the Victorian Attornry General doing welcoming these bigots to Australia?

Mia Freedman August 3, 2014

yep - support for Gammy is so important. And that appears to be happening. But the media is not to blame for anything here. Let's be clear about that.
If it wasn't for the media, nobody would know about Gammy and he would never have received life-saving medical treatment.

Mia Freedman August 3, 2014

Hi Melbmum,
Have you not wondered about Gammy's parents? I have. It's what everyone I know has been asking themselves and each other since the story broke so it's highly relevant to cover the story here on Mamamia.
Importantly, I also raised the possibility that there is a plausible explanation for why Gammy was abandoned.
Maybe his parents didn't know. I raised this despite not reading it anywhere else - in part as a pre-emptive defence of the parents.
Because, I hope that's the reason he was left behind. If it's not, if they really did just abandon him, yeah, I find that really hard to reconcile.
That's my opinion. You are welcome to your own and to express it here.
We don't know what happened. We may never know.
I agree though, the most important thing is to help Gammy which is why in every post we've been promoting the fund to help cover his medical treatment.
Thanks for the reminder to include it again here.

Mia Freedman August 3, 2014

How heart breaking is that......
I have several friends who have children with Down Syndrome. The joy these kids have brought into the lives of their whole families is immeasurable.

Mia Freedman July 23, 2014

I really struggle with this one. Had Peaches not been so prosletysing about her preferred form of parenting (attachment parenting) being THE BEST way for a baby to be raised, I might feel differently. As it was, she was an outspoken advocate for a parenting style that involves breastfeeding for a long time (years if possible) and having your baby sleep with you and be on/with you at all times.
To each their own - unless you are a drug addict whose habit puts her baby's life in danger. Which, let's be honest, it did.
Of course it's a tragedy. But the idea of "fallen angel" doesn't sit so well with me either.....

Mia Freedman July 23, 2014

Hey you guys - we're reading all your comments and taking the feedback on board.
Many of you feel it's wrong of us to publish anything about the family after their statement last night and we can understand that point of view.
Alissa's post was written last night as one mother's thoughts and heartbreak and was meant as a show of empathy and support.
I read the family's statement about "grief is not a story" to be about media intrusion on them and requests for interviews and photographs. Not a post like this that's about processing a terrible terrible tragedy and expressing love and sympathy for the parents and other families left devastated after the crash.
We did not feel that reaction was the same as intrusion.
But we will continue to read your thoughts. Our ears are open to your pushback.

Mia Freedman July 21, 2014

Yep - it was more than 15 years ago! Advice changes....

Mia Freedman July 21, 2014


Mia Freedman July 12, 2014

Hi Luxxe,
Mamamia is an opinion site. We don't have a single viewpoint. We published a post last week by Bec Sparrow expressing one point of view. This is simply another.

Mia Freedman July 6, 2014

Imagine questioning a little girl's tears!

Mia Freedman July 6, 2014

You never know what they've done with editing......I know what you mean although Delta no doubt has first hand experience of knowing what rejection and dissappoinment feels like as a performer. I loved how they all circled her.....

Mia Freedman July 6, 2014

But I think the environment is very supportive and nurturing. It looks to be, anyway. In fact I'm surprised it took this long for their to be tears! And I'm sure there were tears on YTT as well......

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