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rua February 2, 2024

@tamb "Boys will become second class citizens" has to be one of the funniest sentences I have ever read!

rua January 27, 2024

I had quite a similar consultation with a matchmaker a few years ago who told me I was "very guarded", that she wouldn't have anyone on her books for me and that I should go back online and "try Bumble". I had a 20 minute consultation with her during which she very swiftly assassinated my character and then tried to sell me an online dating masterclass she ran for a three figure sum. As a friend of mine said at the time the whole thing sounded like a bit of a money making racket.

rua November 8, 2023

Disagree with #18. It's tough out there in the dating world with all the virtual reality. If you're lucky enough to overhear real life flirting on a plane, be honoured you got to witness the beginning of a (possible) love story. Or just turn off your movie and look at it as free inflight entertainment. πŸ˜‚

rua October 18, 2023

I love this article. It spoke right to my heart. As a single 36 year old who thinks about my fertility every single day, I can relate to everything here. While egg freezing has never sat quite right with me, I have a donor conceived child in my Junior Infant (Prep) class this year, which I'm strongly beginning to believe is a sign from the Universe. 

Also regarding the fertility conversations with friends, I once had a close friend tell me she would never have done egg freezing/ donor conception as she didn't think anyone was ever entitled to a child. Which was an easy opinion for her to have given that she had 3 young children asleep upstairs at the time....

rua October 3, 2023

@beachhouse84 Also when the male partner refuses to get a vasectomy and expects the female partner has to get a tubal ligation which is objectively a more invasive and complicated procedure.

rua August 7, 2023

Love the concept but is there a difference between Girl Math and (as Trinny would say) Cost per Wear??

rua August 7, 2023

Alisha & Glenn from Bachelor in Paradise are married now too! 😊

rua August 3, 2023

Another unrecognised symptom is severe stabbing and throbbing pain in joints (often mistaken in tweens and teens as growing pains). 25 years ago I survived bacterial meningitis (originally misdiagnosed as septic arthritis) at age 11 with this being the only symptom. The quick thinking of my parents and doctors within 24 hours, surgery and massive doses of antibiotics meant that I escaped any long term life altering side effects such as limping or amputation.

rua July 13, 2023

@grumpier monster I believe the term in the 80s/90s was DINKies. I remember my parents using it often!

rua June 27, 2023

Interesting that she says she gave up her seat because her son really wanted to go. In another report I read, the boy's aunt is quoted as saying that he was terrified about going on the submarine and only did it as a Father's Day gift to his dad.

rua May 31, 2023

Eamonn Holmes wife's name is actually Ruth Langsford. I have never heard her referred to as Ruth Holmes, on this side of the world anyway (Ireland and the UK).

rua May 14, 2023

I have a beautiful aunt with no children of her own who would arrive at our house on the birthday's of myself and both my siblings, every year throughout our childhood without fail, with not only presents for us but with a bouquet of flowers for my mother. When told there was no need, she would reply "You were there too. This is your day also". I now do this sometimes for my friends when invited to their children's parties.

rua May 7, 2023

"Childlessness isn’t confined to couples. There are many single people without children who are yearning, whereas their childfree single counterparts might be living their best lives."  Thank you for the acknowledgement of this as this yearning often gets overlooked when you are not in a couple.

In reference to phrases her husband has never heard, another one to note I'm sure is "geriatric father". For the author to be described as this at the end of a post about childlessness is a little counter-productive in my opinion. While everyone has the right to describe themselves in their own words and this is supposedly a medical term, I would argue that it is incredibly outdated and needs to be retired!

rua April 23, 2023

Something very similar happened my mother during my birth 36 years ago. The anaesthetist hadn't done his assessment properly beforehand and also had to be called from the hospital's TV room because he was watching election results. (?? the 80s were weird!) and clearly preoccupied. She felt the scalpel cut her and then immediately passed out. She should have taken a legal case, but didn't because she was relatively ok and had a healthy baby. I never heard her tell the story until I was about 19.

rua January 27, 2023

@snorks  Nowhere in my comment have I said that nor, for the record, did I intend to imply that all First Nation's people have the same culture. I am quite aware that there are most likely sub-cultures among First Nations people as there are in many places around the world.  My "Irishness" may not look the same as another person's "Irishness". However my point still stands that being "white" is more a genetic predisposition, and not exactly a culture.

rua January 26, 2023

@emm01  Also being "white" or fair skinned in and of itself isn't necessarily something to be proud of. It's not a culture to be "white" so therefore in my opinion (and it is just that, an opinion, without any disrespect to you or your question) it doesn't make much sense. For example I would say "proud Irish woman" as that is my culture through and through, you might say "proud Australian woman" but to say "proud white woman" doesn't (and shouldn't) express someone's value system or cultural values.

rua January 7, 2023

"Harry's brother is more than welcome to do the same" Except he's not. William and Kate are essentially gagged by still being in the monarchy, the institution, the family business (whichever way you choose to look at it). We are hearing one side of a story here, we will most likely never hear the other side and as we all the know the actual truth most likely sits somewhere in the middle.

rua January 3, 2023

There are actually six Bachelor babies now. Tim and Anna have 1, Sam and Snez have had 3 since their season, and Matty J and Laura have two!

rua November 28, 2022

My uncle got married when I was 15 and I wasn't invited or included in the wedding under the "no kids" rule with no explanation to me. Twenty years later I still remember how awful it was and how it made me feel like I didn't exist and wasn't a part of my extended family. There is nuance to everything in life and a blanket 'no kids' rule with no flexibility can absolutely make things difficult for children/teenagers at a formative, challenging time in life, not just mothers and fathers.

rua November 28, 2022

@sg90 I agree! Another medical term that is incredibly outdated is "geriatric pregnancy". Still waiting for the talk about "geriatric sperm" with that one! Makes me pufferfish every time!