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dana_29 June 1, 2022

I 100% agree with you. I too am traumatised. His gaslighting and manipulation in looking like he is the victim makes me sick to my stomach.  The lack of knowledge about what abuse actually is horrific.  People still think it’s about being hit.  No one considered the emotional abuse and intimidation she went through.  She had evidence of him smashing things and vandalising their home with paint and blood yet the jury and Depp’s lawyers focused on physical injuries.  They are behind in their knowledge.  Amber’s lawyers were correct and way ahead of the times in their understanding of intimate partner violence.  It just proves the ignorance of so many.  This is horrible just horrible that only survivors know how to recognise and understand abuse beyond physical bruises.

dana_29 May 5, 2022

Why would she be making this up. She is getting so much hate from Depp’s fans. There is so much at risk for her in terms of her public profile, her own career and her mental health. She is brave. She has suffered severe abuse and she is quite clear in expressing that it would occur when he was intoxicated. He has a substance abuse issue that she endured. She was very young and in love. He is denying her reality. If you watch his own testimony he spoke very politically, even using words to avoid explicitly answering a question about the box he kept his cocaine in. He speaks in riddles. He is manipulative and people are shaming the victim who is Amber. This is so concerning for all victims of abuse in coming forward in the future. Abusers will deny them of their truth. They will do anything to make their victim look crazy. It’s part of the abuse. When will society realise this. Having a psychologist testify that Amber has BPD and histrionic personality disorder confirms his backward thinking - diagnoses used in the past to label emotional women.. He and his lawyers cannot even acknowledge his verbal and emotional abuse  as what it is:  DV.  He has already admitted this but keeps denying he has ever hit her.  It’s 2022; we know that verbal, coercive and emotional abuse constitutes domestic violence and yet he doesn’t acknowledge it. He thinks DV is only physical abuse.  How ignorant. And Hollywood - why did they cast a 22 year old woman with a 50 year old actor in The Rum Diaries in 2009? Hollywood has a lot to answer for. The way Depp and Heard got together in the first place wreaks of sexual harassment. Fancy lifting up her bath robe in his trailer, throwing her on the bed saying ‘yum’. This 50 year old very famous actor doing this to a woman in her early twenties. She was influenced by his status. Who 

knows maybe manipulated or obligated 
to him.: the major movie star on a movie she probably felt so fortunate in obtaining a role in. There is so much more to this as is the case for so many young actors In Hollywood eg. The entire Harvey Weinstein saga!  The me too movement!  I wish people would stop shaming her and just let her speak. If she is telling the truth, her fighting back and trying to defend herself is not exactly toxic. Are abused women just supposed to submit! They have a right to defend themselves. Only those who have been in these situations know how hard it is to leave. It’s not simple. Stop judging victims. Listen.