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Rebecca March 16, 2020

And police are still working, teachers still teaching, doctors and nurses still looking after our health, aged care workers still looking after the most vulnerable, physios are still helping people. There's lots of us still out there. I hope that those who are at home in a privileged position to protect their health say a thank you occasionally to those who are keeping people healthy

Rebecca February 7, 2020

Actually if you look at the results that's not true. Schools with the same socioeconomic status regardless of public or private do about the same, public slightly better overall

Rebecca February 7, 2020


Rebecca February 5, 2020

I'm 45. I didn't realise I was supposed so feel so damn miserable

Rebecca January 25, 2020

Maybe our system of work needs to change so that we are spending more time with our kids, not less

Rebecca January 25, 2020

Preparing for NAPLAN? What a complete waste of time.

Rebecca January 19, 2020

You really don't need half this stuff

Rebecca January 15, 2020

Don't forget the 'snowflake' insult. Get offended by anything the tight say and that's what you're called.

Rebecca January 15, 2020

He was being abusive.

Rebecca December 16, 2019

You do realise that they've only banned students personal mobile phones, not mobile devices or technology. They still have access to the internet but in a more controllable way. Comparing a mobile phone to a pencil is ridiculous.

Rebecca December 15, 2019

Im a teacher. I can't tell. I can't tell who had a dummy either, who slept in a cot or co slept, who was baby worn or prammed around. So many things that are largely irrelevant in the long term but cause so much stress and judgement.

Rebecca December 9, 2019

The pisa tests showed no difference between private and public schools in maths, after socioeconomic status was taken into consideration except that government schools performed slightly better than Catholic schools. It showed that socioeconomic status play a a huge part in the results in Australia

Rebecca December 9, 2019


Rebecca December 9, 2019

So No real argument then

Rebecca December 9, 2019

Alot if patents could do with a good look at themselves

Rebecca December 9, 2019

I waited a day.

Rebecca December 9, 2019

No let's go with 'champagne' it's the new in is out now it's in again colour

Rebecca November 25, 2019

She might want to look into the concept of pump and dump. It's pointless

Rebecca November 8, 2019

She was your best friend? No she wasn't that's not what best friends do

Rebecca November 4, 2019

Jehovah kids are constantly pulled out of lessons. Any lessons on other religions, sex ed, Australia day, ANZAC day etc. Never makes the news