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sarah January 9, 2022

I'm not angry. I was much more angry when I could only leave my house for 1 hour a day, had a curfew, had to homeschool all my kids and run a business and not go more than 5km from my house (for only essential reasons) because I live in Melbourne. I'm grateful that everyone I know who has Covid says it's like a mild cold and that the iso is worse than the virus. 

sarah November 20, 2021


The fact that there is no oversight by an independent body, not a body he can appoint and sack (such as in NZ and NSW). 
The fact the Dan Andrews can make all decisions and rule by a king. 
The fact that courts will have no power to determine whether the approved officers have carried out their duties properly. The fact that people can be detained without a trial. 
The Victorian Ombudsman, the Law Institute of Victoria, 60 prominent QCs and the Bar Counsel have all called out the Bill. This is not a 'conspiracy theory' - these are the people who understand the legal system and the scope of the legislation more than the average Victorian. 

sarah November 18, 2021

@laura__palmer No one agrees that Andrews should be threatened. 

However, people have a right to peacefully protest the Bill. 
Remember, many many Victorians, especially children, mothers who home schooled children and businesses are not Ok and have suffered immensely because of many failed Andrews' policies and now he wants even more power.  

sarah October 14, 2021

I felt sad after I had by 4th son and realised that I would never have a daughter.  I love all of my boys so much and I regularly think that I wouldn't trade any of them for a girl - they are all gorgeous. There is also often a very special bond between mothers and sons. 

sarah August 23, 2021

Totally agree! In Victoria, it's clear that they are asking the wrong questions if their health advice is to lock everyone up for more than 6 months and expect that kids and adults will be ok and healthy at the end. No one is happy or (mentally) healthy in Victoria.

sarah July 20, 2021

Totally agree! We're over it and it's way too hard living in Melbourne. People are sick, tired and poor. 

sarah June 7, 2021

It's obvious that Victorians have a bad government and bad health advice. These boys (premier, acting premier and chief medical officer) are too arrogant to call NSW and ask these fabulous women (premier and chief medical officer) for assistance

sarah June 3, 2021

@anonymous Are you related to Andrews? 

He is not missed and I get anxiety when ever I see him or hear him.

sarah June 3, 2021

I love being a mum of 4 boys. I don't like that everyone always asks me if I'm going to try for a girl. Such a stupid and rude question.

sarah June 2, 2021

Anyone is better than Andrews but Merlino needs to take responsibility and stop blaming the Federal Gov. Andrews and Merlino love to throw everyone under the bus instead of taking any responsibility for the constant problems in Victoria. 

sarah May 26, 2021

@guest2 Totally agree!

sarah May 26, 2021

Dan is the worst premier! who cares what he's been doing. I hope he takes his time and enjoy quiet time for months before returning

sarah March 20, 2021

I have 4 sons and get asked all the time if I'm going to try for a girl. Such a stupid question. I now answer that I tried 4 times for a girl (which I didn't), just to shut them up and embarrass them. People should stop asking ridiculous questions. 

sarah December 2, 2020

You forgot to mention the lies, cover up and collective forgetfulness in relation to the hotel quarantine. Andrews other major mistake was that the contract tracing system was terrible, until late September when he sent his staff to NSW to learn how todo it properly. Everyone in Victoria suffered so much due to the recklessness of Andrews. He is definitely not a hero.

sarah October 19, 2020

I'm not judging at all and you're perfectly entitled to send your children to childcare for time alone. However, I don't think it's a "women's issue" or understand why some parents are demanding the government pay for childcare or subsidize childcare if they are not working. I'm grateful that the government subsidized childcare whilst I was working. However, I don't think there is much gratitude and many women demand the right to free childcare.  

sarah October 5, 2020

I live in Melbourne and do not appreciate the Melbourne bashing. Nearly everyone I see complies with the laws. However, people are really suffering and the government has locked up perfectly healthy people for far too long. The mental health issues far outweighs the damage that the virus may cause, where 99.9% of people recover. It's unlikely that  99.9% of people will recover from the mental health issues. Unfortunately, many people have lost faith in the government and the laws that do not make any sense.