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kelly.marshall45 March 15, 2021

Hi Shannon, thank you for sharing your story, I was diagnosed just last year at 51 years old. My whole life I believed I would never achieve anything, I could never stay in the one job, I couldn't finish assignments, drifting into lala land all the time and not being able to listen properly to instructions. I have been depressed most of my life, the last 9 maths of my is the best I've ever had. I have completed a course through TAFE, and found it relatively easy, I've started another course, have done jobs around the house that were never going to get finished. I'm a starter of things, not a finisher but I am now. It is so amazing the changes that have happened for me. I have not felt depressed at all this last 9 mths, still have about to work on but it is now onwards and upwards. 

kelly.marshall45 January 23, 2021

Deni, that is a sad story only made sadder by the number of women who go through miscarriage in the first trimester without support of family and friends. At 51 now I had five miscarriages in my twenties, I didn't share that I was pregnant for the middle three as it was not accepted to say you were pregnant until 12 weeks. I'm glad that your speaking up and making it ok to share when you are super excited about bringing a new life into the world. I stand with you and support you. 

kelly.marshall45 December 2, 2020

Hi Suzie, I have recently had the same diagnosis of ADHD at the age of 51. Many suicide attempts, several admissions to hospital and a pool of money spent when my new Psychiatrist suggested ADHD I laughed a bit. I wasn't active or hyper, but then she put me through a diagnostic test it was then I realised that it was real. I have had a major life change due to the diagnosis and medication change, I feel like I'm 'normal' I can complete tasks on time, I remember appointments, I call family on their birthdays, I can plan ahead now and after being locked down for 100+ days, no depression. I think it is an absolute miracle. I choose to participate in life again.