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mb1111 December 2, 2021

My 8 year old asked me to do elf on the shelf. I hadn’t earlier because I wasn’t into the idea of this creepy doll watching my kids. I bought one today from a cheap shop and have hung him off a floor lamp. I’m not really sure what to do with him next.

mb1111 November 30, 2021

I think it’s because when you have kids the new clubs are the how you gave birth club, the how long you breastfed club etc etc.  

That said I found that once your kids go to primary school sometimes randomly someone will bring up how their kids were conceived. Not at very function, it just happens depending on the conversation. I found that at that point the people who fell pregnant easily don’t really have much to contribute in the way of war stories.  

Finally effortless may be cool but being able to tell your children that you wanted them soooo much that you did whatever you needed to have them is pretty cool too. 

mb1111 November 29, 2021

@cat in your opinion. In my opinion I respectfully disagree. Isn’t anti Christian rhetoric discriminatory too?  Stating that legislation is there solely for people to use Jesus’ name to discriminate is in itself discriminatory.  

mb1111 November 29, 2021

The Australia the we live in is based on Judeo Christianity and the Westminster system. As a first generation Australian and a child of immigrants who fled a communist regime, I actually see that as a positive.  If Christians wielded so much power then why have we as a nation approved same sex marriage, euthanasia in most states etc. Christians come in all colours, shapes and sizes. Not all Christian groups weild very much power at all. WASP is probably the Christian’s that you are referring to. 

mb1111 November 27, 2021

@cat I don’t know where the legislation was when Muslim people were being attacked and that is a bit off topic with respect to the actual comment.  There are non-Christian religions outside of Islam e.g. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism etc. A reference to non-Christian religions is not automatically solely a reference to Islam.  I was pointing out that even non-Christian religions can say things that are discriminatory against other groups.  This could be against LGBTQI+ people, other religions or even against each other e.g. different sects, denominations etc. 

mb1111 November 25, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 could also be in the name of other religions that are not Christian.  It is important not to be biased.  

mb1111 November 23, 2021

@cat you said half these people were convinced by Tucker Carlson that they are in the grips of tyranny. My point and I did go off on a tangent to make it, was that people can make up their own minds. If what they decide is different from other people, it does not mean that they are convinced by Tucker Carlson, linked to Trump 0r Qanon or whatever.  Labelling people does not encourage debate it stifles it. 

mb1111 November 22, 2021

@cat There are a wide range of protesters. Some are the gallows mob, some are just ordinary people.  Some of them may actually be vaccinated but still don’t like the contents of the Bill. In my mind ‘Trump era’, ‘deplorables’’ etc type lexicon is a convenient way to shame and silence people who don’t align with the mainstream left narrative.  Not everyone that disagrees with the contents of the Bill aligns themselves with Trump.  14 Melbourne QCS penned an open letter disagreeing with the Bill.  I don’t think that 

Trump made them do it.   

Rolling out the Trump label takes away the agency that people have about their own actions. Trump is a symptom, not the cause. If I lived in Victoria I would be against the Bill and I am a double jabber. For me it’s the contents of the Bill not the jabs that I chose to have. I don’t even like Trump. He didn’t influence my thought process 

mb1111 November 21, 2021

I think they all look lovely.  My formal outfit was awful in retrospect but I was a kid pretending to be sophisticated.  Tik tok stars will also probably  look back in 5 years and cringe. 

mb1111 November 20, 2021

@cat Trump era is over. It’s the Biden era now. 

mb1111 November 20, 2021

In many cultures women don’t take their husbands name. I did because I wanted to. It was also culturally appropriate for me within my culture. My surname was my fathers name. I also know peo-Le who have merged surnames to make another. Horses for courses. 

mb1111 November 18, 2021

@deamona When did Trump replace Murdoch?

mb1111 November 18, 2021

@cat which is probably why he is not commenting.  The mini movie though is new and seems to have themes from that relationship. This is all fine but perhaps she should make a statement to say to her fans that there is no need to cancel him. It’s an old song re-recorded and she has moved on.  Otherwise she is complicit in the vitriol against someone for no reason. What you step over you endorse. 

mb1111 November 18, 2021

@grumpier monster I don’t understand the link to Trump. This is Australia. 

mb1111 November 15, 2021

I feel for this guy.  He had a 3 month romance with her.  He is probably not saying anything because he can't believe that it is still haunting him a decade later.  She may sing that they are never getting back together but she does not appear to have gotten over him.

mb1111 November 15, 2021

Being in my 40s I don't really qualify as a Swifty and only know her major hit songs.  However, I became curious about her and Jake given that this album or song seems to be about him.  I was shocked when I realised that they had only dated for about 3 months.  In my opinion a 3 month relationship is more of a fling and does not warrant trashing the mans reputation a decade later.  I put in the caveat that I don't know if he was abusive.  However from the tid bits online it seems like he didn't respect the relationship enough to go to her 21st which indicates that he wasn't that in to her.  Put yourself in his shoes. 

mb1111 November 11, 2021

I had 4 kids under 4 and my self care amounted to wondering when I last had a shower. I don’t think I brushed my hair properly for a year. I admire and am envious of the author’s energy and zest for life but my experience was so completely different to this. 

mb1111 November 8, 2021

Let’s start with the headline, “I let my husband…”.  That’s where the issue is.  If you actually co-parenting you should have not have to let him do it, you are not his manager or gatekeeper of the child/children.  My husband was a stay at home dad to 4 kids under 4.  I would say that 80% of the way he ran things would be different to the way that I did them.  However, my choice was either to micromanage and critique him because he’s was not me or alternatively, let him run the whole rock show just like we agreed and focus on my day job.  The amount of times that he was at shops etc and got the, ‘so you have the kids for the day’ was a real eye opener as was the office comments about who was looking after all my kids.  When I would say that it was their father - full time, there would be dead silence.  We need to start to give men a chance to be hands on fathers without waiting to pounce on every misstep and sweep into save a day that does not need saving.

mb1111 November 5, 2021

@cat social media is not the economy. You don’t have to have a tik tok profile to make money. I don’t have the former but do well in the latter. I suggest that you have a read of  The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Not quite related to the the above discourse above but kind of is at the same time.  

mb1111 November 5, 2021

A fun article. However I disagree with the male gaze bit. The male gaze is as attracted to skinny jeans as it is to upside down bikini tops, cut out clothes.