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Kelcro March 16, 2017

Nope, sorry, I don't accept fire or bleeding either.
The loo was the ONLY time that its all about me!! Just me, no one else!
The house will still be burning down in 60 seconds when I am finished in the loo. I will deal with it then, wait for me out the front.
if you are bleeding, put pressure on it for 60 seconds until I am done in the loo. I will fix it then.
i would possibly accept choking, there is an element of urgency there, but that is all.
And you better damn well not be choking on the food I just prepared for Dinner!!
My boys are teens/adults now, and still know better than to interrupt my toilet time lol

Kelcro February 9, 2017

That was FUNNY AF!!

Kelcro January 12, 2017

My kids are older now. Is Lazytown still on?? I was a little too invested in that show coz Sporticus was hot lol.

Kelcro December 4, 2016

I chose my sons name months in advance, and then the day after he was born, one of the nurses said his name, and it just didn't sound right! It wasn't him. It was the first time I'd really heard someone say it out loud. Lucky I still had my list lol

Kelcro December 4, 2016

Actually it is quite hard to get approval for a permit, they are very strict. And there is an expiration date as well, and the permit is reassessed at this time

Kelcro August 30, 2016

I use it all the time. The problem with the suggestions above is that they are all questions and require an answer. 'Hope you are well' gets the pleasantries out of the way, and then you can get to the point of the email. I already have so many emails, I don't need to know what you think of the weather