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mag May 27, 2020

In WA Personal Trainers have been allowed to operate the entire time OUTDOORS either 1 on 1 or small groups depending on the stage of lockdown. As far as I know all states could do exercise with 1 other person, so people in the fitness industry who are complaining are choosing not to adapt. They also have the same opportunity as everyone else with creating video conferences for groups (I've been to a few zoom birthday parties) changing exercises to be on the spot in small spaces and without equipment to give everyone a workout class, all together but on their own at home. If they can't think outside the square, then there's alot of other jobs available to contribute to their current 5% of their usual income, so I have no sympathy for whingers, go get one of the 10s of 1000s of jobs packing supermarket shelves like the Qantas Pilot! And I have no time for people who are not watching the rest of the world and wondering why we're in isolation. It's clear that the countries with government's who are not strong leaders promoting social distancing and sanitisation have devastating numbers of deaths/million.

Gyms don't have to stay indoors. My gym had an asbestos issue a few years back and for 9+months we did yoga in the park.
Gyms don't even have to stay Gyms, just like Pubs don't need to stay pubs. I saw on a news program where a Sydney Pub now has it's fridge full of meat packs and shelves full of fruit and vegetables and household bric a brac. Dear Gym Guy: Start a pop up shop! Sell home delivery protein shakes! Sell tickets on event bright for a live couch exercise class! ....(other 50 ideas) Or call up the Qantas pilot to see if he can put in a good word for you at Coles for goodness sake. 
Reflect how blessed you are to not live in a country with a dismissive leader. 
Our leader is just trying to save your life.