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smartalex February 5, 2024


Except it wa a setup that both parties were fully aware of - her costume was designed to be ripped like that. 

smartalex September 18, 2022

I totally agree it’s just as hurtful being told you’re TOO skinny. 

I’ve been told I’m too skinny since I was in primary school. Even my grandmother thought I was too skinny and “didn’t eat enough” when in fact I ate like a horse!  
It’s just how I was built. I filled out a bit once in my 20s but I’ll never forget unthoughtful comments about boy weight  

smartalex April 24, 2022

Yep some pretty petty reasons here. Breaking up with someone cause one toe is bigger than the other is understandable in high school but you’re meant to be grown adults? 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

smartalex April 18, 2021

Um I’d say 3 out of 6 look similar aka being related  🤷🏼‍♀️

smartalex April 4, 2021

@cat IKR like what actually happened with the attempted kidnapping?  Seems to be an awful lot left out here 

smartalex February 16, 2021


Oh but they don’t count because they didn’t come through “the proper channels” (as if they  had a choice)

smartalex January 5, 2021

@cam totally agree with you ! 

smartalex January 5, 2021

I think these two breaches simply expose the HUGE significance placed on of our lives.  

Rather than focussing on that one, single day and expecting it to be “perfect” -  how about we focus on trying to make the best out of the rest of our lives with the person that we’re actually marrying? 

smartalex September 24, 2020

This is absolutely appalling and just shows these feral boys attitude and general lack of respect for not only other people, but also themselves.  Really wonder what their parents think of them and how they were raised to even think half of these dares are acceptable

smartalex August 8, 2020

@simple simon 

Your name is very apt if you need to even ask that question 

smartalex July 12, 2020

I wonder what occurred for the daughter to be estranged from her mum for so long?

smartalex May 27, 2020

What an absolutely privileged, white tosser of a woman. Not only could she have gotten the man in big trouble with her false accusation, she also nearly choked her own dog in her “righteous indignation”

The consequence was way too mild for her. Why was she not prosecuted for making a false statement?

Muskettcat August 12, 2019

That's probably because that's an extremely low rate. I have my own cleaning business and I charge $40/hr and this is average for a good house cleaner

Muskettcat July 29, 2019

exactly! Too much emphasis on looks instead of the actual purpose of going to the gym - to get fit!

Muskettcat June 22, 2019

Why on earth you would purposely do this I have no idea. I get some women have no choice, but if you DO, then what point are you really proving ??