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mamamia-user-620223566 August 28, 2021

It is amazingly hard and heartbreaking. I lost both my old men in 2020 (as if the pandemic wasn’t enough!) one at the start of the year and the other at towards the end. One got sick so suddenly and passed away, and whilst it was shocking, we really didn’t have to make any decision about it. But my second boy, he was getting weaker and weaker, similar to your situation. I didn’t want to have him suffer, but equally, if he was still happy and had quality of life, then I couldn’t make that decision. 

Awfully I almost started to wish he would fall asleep at night and not wake up, just so I didn’t have to make the call. Eventually he couldn’t get up one day and I knew it was time. 

It was so, so hard. He had been with me through my wedding, babies being born (as had our second, but after we got married and before kids), subsequent separation, moving multiple times and other milestone events. Those boys helped me through so much. 

The one thing that did give me peace was knowing that they had lived amazing full lives. I can’t imagine loosing a dog after only a few years. 

But you do get better at not having them with you. It still hurts, but each day gets a bit easier as with any kind of grief. And knowing they are at peace and not in any kind of pain. 

mamamia-user-620223566 August 28, 2021

I think that this is so amazing! My ex-husband and I similarly get along and are trying really hard to make this about the kids. BUT, it took a lot of hard work. We have been separated for three years and have only recently gotten much better at this. It takes a lot of work and a lot of arguments (queue me screaming at him as he was driving down the street one morning) and much putting of ego aside. I totally understand why this can’t work for many people. It is weirdly easier to continue to be angry. And both partners need to be 100% on board. But it is definitely worth the hard work.  

mamamia-user-620223566 June 26, 2021

This was absolutely me - the thing that helped was seeing my GP and a psychologist and being diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder. Until that point I had no idea I’d been self medicating with alcohol, but it was the only thing that quietened my mind. I now have the very occasional glass of wine but I don’t need it anymore to help me relax/switch off my brain. Hope this helps - best of luck with your journey around alcohol 

mamamia-user-620223566 September 2, 2020

Can’t wait to watch!!