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gretel February 22, 2021

And JESUS I’ve missed you both! I read this with your voices in my head...just make these recaps available to listen to please! I can’t believe Trish wasn’t given a send off. It’s like she’s gone to jail and cannot be mentioned again. She and her sxy txts will live on thanks to you. Looking forward to 2 months of recaps Jessie and Clare. 

gretel February 18, 2021

It is actually topping in the bottle (which you can have on ice cream or use in milkshakes)  not tomato sauce (or ketchup)...

gretel November 27, 2020

I was genuinely interested to read this but then saw it was a partnership with Quorn...lacked authenticity for me. A shame really. 

gretel November 14, 2020

@mamamia-team thanks for letting me know. Huge publicity for this brand then...lucky them. 

gretel November 14, 2020

I’m unclear if this is an ad? Perhaps an exchange  for the 2 part no filter episode with Mia and Zoe. If so this should be declared as it’s essentially an advert for this brand. Which is fine but I thought ads / “partnerships” needed to be declared. 

gretel November 1, 2020

@cat true but it’s clearly important to the writer that this person supported her in her times of grief. I too expect that from my closest friends. And I too have been let down. I am glad for this writer that she’s choosing not to continue this friendship. It’s not expecting too much to get support from close friends in these times. And it’s good that she is setting boundaries now as to who she will allow to continue as a friend (a real friend) in her life. 

gretel October 6, 2020

Dee and Darren have separated too. It has been featured heavily in the Melbourne press. 

gretel August 23, 2020

Vegan or plant based? B/c a vegan (who chooses to eat vegan for ethical reasons ie not harming animals / using any animals in any way for food, clothing etc) would never say that they are vegan not b/c I think it’s the healthiest choice for all people. No thanks to this “vegan”. 

gretel August 20, 2020

Beautiful. I love that this shows off the personality of the residents. Books, perfume, art, wine, plants, puppy...this is all a home should be! 

gretel June 4, 2020

I also cannot believe this person’s attitude. It’s not a bankruptcy fairy that sorts your crap out but Instead, there are people behind the loans who will not receive a cent. To rejoice in bankruptcy is bizarre. I would feel ashamed. And I certainly wouldn’t be doing a big shop or having any steaming services after being declared bankrupt.  

Meg December 12, 2018

Love the womaniser. It is mind blowing initially though I’ve gotten more used to it now so doesn’t have such a wow factor. But definitely best toy I have had. Will give the other a go to see if it’s better. Womaniser is dear but oh so worth it.