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redballoon December 28, 2020

When you say 'bathroom', do you mean toilet?
Please don't go down the route of crazy Americanisms. Next time it'll be restroom?
Sorry, this is not my only takeaway from this article, but (misuse of) language can be distracting.

redballoon December 27, 2020

I'm literally begging you to stop conflating vulvas and vaginas. They are not the same thing.
Women deserve to have their genitals referred to correctly.

redballoon November 24, 2020

@cat She was arguably rude to one person on the internet. That doesn't translate to disrespecting 'neurodiverse people'.

redballoon November 17, 2020

I'd love to see a database of peoples names next to the disgusting comments made by them. All the people who receive death threats can upload the comments next to the appropriate name. All the amazing feminist warriors that receive constant rape/death threats- imagine! You could google Joe Bloggs and find screeds of the vitriolic, heinous shite they've sent people. It would be there for all the potential employers, potential partners and their mums to see. I can dream.

redballoon November 16, 2020

Shouldn't the moderator do more moderating?

redballoon November 5, 2020

It's great your mum has been able to live her truth. And, she's so lucky to have a daughter like you.

redballoon November 1, 2020

Chances are, the neighbours didn't know the kid making the noise has special needs. There was no indication at all that they intended to discriminate against a neuroatypical child. I'd argue that this means they were not discriminating.

In addition your ad hominem attacks are diminishing any rational point you have to make.

Finally 'oppression of human rights' is not indicated by asking your neighbours to keep the noise down, that's just an irrational take on the circumstances.

redballoon October 30, 2020

There is a straw man here. I didn't see anyone
advocate for shaming, bullying and discriminating against people with disabilities

redballoon October 29, 2020

But then, we are not terrible people who expect to derive all the comforts,  security and pleasures of civil society without ever contributing to it.

Your comments here are not very nice though.

redballoon October 28, 2020

I have some sympathy for the idea of wanting to have the same name as your kids or the whole family. What I don't understand is why it always seems to be the husbands name. Weird.

redballoon October 26, 2020

I lived next door to a couple of kids- both neurotypical, who were Insanely Loud. Their mum got them to play in their garden because they drove her mental if they were inside the house. The youngest one screamed All the Time. About everything. One time he screamed for half an hour because he saw an ant. I know these details because I could hear everything in my house. I suffered from anxiety and honestly, the noise nearly drove me insane.
So I have some sympathy for the neighbours in this story as well as the parents. I'm not entirely comfortable with demonising the neighbours the way they have been here.

btw, the neighbours grew out of the screaming and are pretty cool kids.🙃

redballoon October 25, 2020

The women in Qatar were sexually assaulted. Calling it 'involuntary medical inspection' isn't doing justice to the crime these women were victim to. It makes me feel physically ill.

redballoon October 12, 2020

@rush Eww indeed.

redballoon October 12, 2020

More articles like this please! Wonderful, gave me goosebumps.

redballoon October 1, 2020

@rush at least this particular twist makes me happy.

redballoon September 23, 2020

@chris Not all private schools are like this though.

redballoon September 15, 2020

They look so happy! I really can't understand why people go out of their way to be cruel and cynical. There are just so many levels of wrong to these horrible comments.

redballoon September 13, 2020

@beachhouse84 Did you consider keeping your name and giving the kids your surname?

redballoon September 8, 2020

Or maybe start with having your hormones looked at?
My 20 bout of cystic acne was due to being oestrogen dominant. Once I started  taking progesterone my skin was almost perfect! (well, apart from all the scarring).
The hormone changes also helped with my pmdd and other stuff like almost constantly sore boobs. Huzzah!

redballoon August 27, 2020

@rush You win the comments!