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redballoon October 12, 2020

@rush Eww indeed.

redballoon October 12, 2020

More articles like this please! Wonderful, gave me goosebumps.

redballoon October 1, 2020

@rush at least this particular twist makes me happy.

redballoon September 23, 2020

@chris Not all private schools are like this though.

redballoon September 15, 2020

They look so happy! I really can't understand why people go out of their way to be cruel and cynical. There are just so many levels of wrong to these horrible comments.

redballoon September 13, 2020

@beachhouse84 Did you consider keeping your name and giving the kids your surname?

redballoon September 8, 2020

Or maybe start with having your hormones looked at?
My 20 bout of cystic acne was due to being oestrogen dominant. Once I started  taking progesterone my skin was almost perfect! (well, apart from all the scarring).
The hormone changes also helped with my pmdd and other stuff like almost constantly sore boobs. Huzzah!

redballoon August 27, 2020

@rush You win the comments!

redballoon August 5, 2020

@guest2 Every state has it's fair share of idiots. I think it's unkind to use the behaviour of a minority of people as a reason not to sympathise with people having a really, really hard time right now.

redballoon July 11, 2020

@reallyfedup "Good era, mothers good, simple good quality life".  Wow.

redballoon July 11, 2020

@mamamia-user-459038664 What...what does this actually mean?

redballoon July 8, 2020

@pod clock It's enormously selfish.

redballoon July 6, 2020

@michael But the cotton built immeasurable wealth. I mean astonishing wealth. That wealth helped to build the country that we see now. How can you not be aware of this?

redballoon July 6, 2020

@laura__palmer Nooooo don't give up on reality yet! I mean, I know it's  tempting but Kanye is just a step too f*ucking far.

redballoon July 6, 2020

I wanted to weep for you when I read that you get up at 6-6.30 because your eldest does. I love/need sleep so much. What helped me was just not getting up unless it was really important to do so. If the kids get up stupidly early they watch telly or something until I emerge. They get their own breakfast and prepare their own recess for school. My husband and I take turns making their lunch. Obviously I'm lucky that the layout of my house allows me sufficient space between the living area and my bedroom so the noise factor isn't too huge. I just feel grateful we've found something that works for us.

redballoon July 6, 2020

@birdie Thoroughly condescending and completely missing the point. The writer is in pain. Your response is lacking in compassion and empathy. And might I suggest that you never know what goes on behind the front doors of peoples homes or in their heads. Your idyllic childhood might not have been as great as you think for the others present.

redballoon July 3, 2020

I'm finding it excessively difficult to muster up a care factor. People that base an income on looking good and manipulating their medium aren't really offering a valid or ethical service to society. Perhaps I'm just in a bad mood but my god, this article is peculiar.

redballoon July 3, 2020

@mamamia-user-826403796 'Cry me a river'? What does this even mean? It doesn't sound nice, at all.

redballoon July 3, 2020

@laura__palmer It's so tricky. I'm also in Tasmania. My friends and I have joked about this being the first time we've ever heard ourselves say 'let's keep the boarders closed'. Having what appears to be a zero infection rate is obviously great for many things: schooling (so important), going out and patronising businesses , and just seeing friends and family. It's hard to imagine introducing external people to the state as it all carries risk. Still, life goes on and we'll just have to keep doing our best to balance fear and necessary risk.

redballoon July 3, 2020

@km I'm in Tasmania's south and I avoid shitty papers like the Mercury and I
 avoid FB. I never heard one comment about the outbreaks in the North-West apart from people expressing compassion for the awful position our Northern friends were in. In all seriousness where do the horrible comments you describe come from? Where did you here them? I admittedly live in a really amazing neck of the woods and might be naive but all this negativity regarding Tasmania or Victoria for that matter is news to me.

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