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lmoy73 February 24, 2024

@guest user look I would have loved to have gone and have wasted soooo much time trying to get tickets.  I also don't agree with people going to several shows. BUT to send death threats is waaaay too much. 

lmoy73 February 24, 2024

@1990 I would like to know that too. I have seen soooo many get tickets...coincidence I don't think so 🤔 

lmoy73 February 24, 2024

There are 2 things wrong a) how did they get in 7 times to get tickets...I saw some went to all 7 concerts. We were on 7 devices & only 1 of us got through.  My daughter is going with 3 friends & 1 mum.  Sadly I desperately wanted to go with another mum & we just couldn't get any tickets.  But b) apparently there are empty seats because people couldn't onsell. I've been on marketplace & the system is broken.  Ticketek need to do better. 

lmoy73 December 3, 2023

I personally have no issues with MCoBeauty creating similar products. It's entirely up to the consumer whether they purchase them or not.  They aren't forcing anyone to buy them. I do wish you could try testers at Chemist Warehouse before purchasing them though.  The products I've bought I've had no issues with and if I can save money then I'm happy

lmoy73 September 8, 2023

I can totally sympathise with this young girl.  I'm 50 years old and this has been me my whole life.  I've always been the organiser.  And sometimes it just gets too much and I have enough and I just give up and don't do it anymore for my own mental health and I have lost friends over it and the way I see it they weren't true friends.

lmoy73 June 28, 2023

There was 6 of us on 8 devices for an hour and a half and only 1 got through to get 4 tickets.  But I would love to know how people got back in to the queue to get more tickets and how that's fair. 

lmoy73 December 17, 2022

I'm letting my daughter go to Schoolies next year & she'll only be 17.  My son just went to schoolies & was 18. I trust them & their friends but it's others you worry about. The one thing i said to my son & will say to my daughter is that the we only a phone call & drive away & if you are unsure about anything just call someone.  I think that's all you can do.  Because once they leave school & get jobs, enrol in uni or move out of home what do parents do then? I think you'll always worry so I just make sure my kids know they can tell me anything.  But it's definitely not easy. 

lmoy73 September 19, 2022

I actually don't care if it was propaganda. She was our Queen for 90 years and the the lead up to her funeral and the funeral that she got is what she deserved for everything she has done as a Queen and as a human being  And I'm not a staunch Royalist but I do have respect and I feel now isn't the time to have this debate. I also don't understand what will actually change in our day to day lives if we were to become a Republic and  why people feel it's necessary. My children are 16 and 18 years old and couldn't care less because I don't preach to them either way.  So they would be happy to just stay as we are as a country.  

lmoy73 April 24, 2022

I had one friend block me and another unfriend me all because anything I posted on my fb page these two would always comment the opposite.  It was like lockdowns gave them permission to be rude to people.  I was never you like what I say or else and tbh I had people DM asking if I was ok because what they said was totally out of line.  These were friends who I went away for weekends with and one I travelled overseas with. It was very hurtful as I walked away from a mutual group of friends.  But as time went on I thought no it's their loss. I just don't get why if people disagree with something they can't just scroll on by.  It was to the point if I said it's a nice sunny day they would be like no it's raining.... very petty behaviour. 

lmoy73 March 26, 2022

@mamamia-user-284833945 yes I agree as well. I'm a single mum and with child support I only earn $50,000 a year and $20,000 of that is on rent so I'm living off $30,000 a year.  There is no way I could put away $100,000 a year when I don't earn that. 

lmoy73 January 29, 2022

@anonymous I have to respectfully disagree. Our kids at school are under so much more pressure then when I was at school. Are you aware that year 12 now starts at the end of year 11???? Our kids cannot keep go go go just because their parents have chosen to keep their careers and now they want the whole school system to change.  Honestly when I had kids I had them to enjoy them not put them in before and after school or daycare from 6am to 6pm. I'm so over this younger generation wanting to change everything to suit them.  Have a think about that???? Because all parents before you have worked out a system that works best for their household. And generally it will be the parent who earns less who will stay home with the child/ children.  And if you don't want to do that then it's simple don't have a child.  You know all of these things before having children... they didn't just magically appear.

lmoy73 January 28, 2022

@caroline j  omg I couldn't have said it better.  I'm reading the story and thinking we are talking about the education of YOUR A children.  These people choose to have kids and now they are complaining it's hard to work full time.  When I had kids I didn't have them to put them in before and after school care for 6am to 6pm. Kids need their parents.  Mine are teenagers and I'm lucky enough to work in a school so therefore work school hours. Saying that school has arcadic school times is just ridiculous.  As it is some schools in local areas will have staggered start times in order to help families.  But what do working parents want???? They had a child so they need to work out how it works for their family.