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rosiecat May 17, 2022

Great that you had such positive births. Goes to show everyone is different and every birth is different. Mine were considerably different to yours but my pregnancies sound less horrible!

rosiecat May 11, 2022

So it’s not that you have agreed with your husband that you can be poly - you just constantly cheat on him. And you think that’s not selfish or abusive? Sure…. 

rosiecat May 9, 2022

Sounds great! I have a 4 year gap with mine and sometimes wish it was a bit larger. Especially as my 16 year old son isn’t yet able to sometimes drive his 12 year old sister to activities etc (looking forward to that one!). Just think how great it will be when you can bribe your oldest to babysit the younger while you go out to dinner! 

I was a triplet so always wanted an older sibling and didn’t want mine too close together. Plus the sheer hell of having say, a two year old and a six month old would kill me!

rosiecat May 3, 2022

Very personal issue. I am a loner and don’t like visitors in my home much at any time. Some people though thrive on the attention and are upset if they don’t have visitors, presents and fuss. Do what works for you and don’t feel guilty. That said, think you have to allow new grandparents to visit and see the baby at an early point or you are being very selfish. 

rosiecat May 1, 2022

Love this! I once got told off because my preschooler had 2 squares of chocolate in his lunch box. Just as I was being lectured on healthy eating he came round the corner with a giant chocolate choc chip muffin the other teacher had given him!

rosiecat April 28, 2022

Life advice: Don’t post online that you log in late to work with a hangover and then spend most of a day you are taking as sick leave at the hair dresser. Or your financial situation might deteriorate quite a bit!

rosiecat April 22, 2022

I really didn’t like season 2. They departed from the book too much - it wasn’t really a love triangle story at all in the book. Was much more on romance and character development- in fact it mainly focused on the two leads falling in love after marriage. The Diverse casting was great as was the costumes - but the actual original story in the book was much better!

rosiecat April 21, 2022

The pressure around breast feeding is insane. Breast is best is rammed down all mothers throats. I felt like a total failure when I had to end breast feeding after 6 weeks with my first and even less with my second. My kids are nearly grown now and I still feel it a bit. Which is ridiculous! But, you know what, fed is best. Formula is food, not poison. I read the other day that some breast feeding group was trying to get formula advertising banned and require it to be sold in unbranded tins like cigarettes! Absolute madness. 

rosiecat April 19, 2022

It’s such a hard issue. Workplaces need to be accomodating. However, if mental health issues prevent an employee from being able to do the job properly, it’s very hard to see how that can be accommodated - especially if it means other employees have to constantly pick up additional work at no notice thereby endangering  their own mental health. 

rosiecat April 19, 2022

I think it’s sad the author is so worried about an age gap in her relationship and actually (the horror!) looking her age. Hopefully she can learn to be more accepting of herself and her intrinsic value. 

rosiecat April 15, 2022

Gender disappointment can be hard. I remember crying when I found out my first was a boy as I really wanted a girl. Ridiculous now looking back but it felt real at the time! Still, agree that’s it’s getting a bit hard if you can’t ask a pregnant woman whether she knows the sex of her baby!

rosiecat April 13, 2022

Absolutely horrific. Those poor women and children. War crimes prosecutions should be initiated for all. So terrible. 

rosiecat April 13, 2022

I think it’s immoral to ask for money (which wasn’t given as a documented agreed loan) spent supporting your kids to be paid back. I bet you were hugely upset when you dad tried this. 

rosiecat April 6, 2022

Great wisdom and perspective. 

rosiecat April 3, 2022

Absolutely good for them. I hope it just wasn’t about finances though. Most people are poor at 22 - I certainly was- and that may change as your life and career develops. 

rosiecat March 30, 2022

So heartbreaking. Complete tragedy and total failure by the parents and teachers of the bullies. Rest in peace Tilly - I’m so sorry this happened to you. 

rosiecat February 21, 2022

@simple simon  Probably true sadly. My husband wasn’t allowed to attend mothers group with our second even through he was the primary caregiver and we were also told it wouldn’t be on for him to attend some mums drinks or dinners when our kids started school. Don’t think he was exactly devastated though! He found a nice dads group where they even provided a baby sitter so the dads could chat and drink coffee - you don’t get that at mothers group! He also got endless kudos re being a great dad which isn’t handed out to stay at home mums but there you go,

rosiecat February 21, 2022

These days there are very few stay at home parents after the kids turn 1. Mortgages etc generally require two salaries to service and avoid financial stress. My family is an exception, we have two kids and my husband is a stay at home dad and I work full time. That’s been our deal and I went back to work full time after our first baby turned 5 months. I’ve never felt criticised as a mum for that decision. It was best for our family and more about who earns the highest income to support the family and that’s important too as financial pressure is a lot to manage on top of the stress of kids and most people understand that. So you should factor that into your decision making with your partner. However I assure you I am still very much my kids mum! 

rosiecat February 11, 2022

I find it a bit hard to explain why it’s offensive to dress or wear your hair using a style originally popular with a particular race or ethnic group. Can you please explain this to me? For example, I have a skirt made from a beautiful antique sari - is it offensive for me to wear it? Or is it offensive for my daughter to get her hair braided while on holiday?

rosiecat January 31, 2022


i don’t want to buy most of my clothes from Kmart, Big W etc. I want to be able to buy from Designers like Zimmerman etc. Also, you are a size 16-18 meaning 16 fits most of the time. A lot of stores go to 16 (even if you have to ask them to get it out the back in case they accidentally shame their desired thin customers by showing it on the racks) but they don’t stock 18. So maybe that’s why your not sure why this is an issue for those a bit larger than you.