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rosiecat February 17, 2024

I adore her honey chicken and her queso sauce! Am making her prawn taco recipe tonight actually!

rosiecat February 15, 2024

That sounds really tough. How old is your son now and does he have any neurodiversity or mental health issues which may be contributing? I ask because my 18 year old son has behaved very terribly at times, screaming obscenities, spitting, punching walls, throwing meals on the floor. It’s horrible. But it’s partly attributable to his autism, adhd and depression which means dealing with it needs to be more nuanced. I can’t imagine how triggering it must be after domestic abuse. Can your son live with his dad for a bit?

rosiecat February 8, 2024

Total joke. If you even have to think about applying for a court order against your employer the relationship has already deteriorated to the point where you are far better off finding a new role and moving on with life. 

rosiecat February 6, 2024

Ok. So no idea if that cream works for clearing blocked or visible pores. I use it a fair bit and I haven’t noticed anything like that. However in combination with a prescription product it’s done absolute wonders for my son’s acne which was previously very red and inflamed. It’s now completely clear with no redness or inflammation at all - some scarring left but really amazing. I wasn’t expecting that! 

rosiecat February 1, 2024

I loathe travelling too. Especially for work. I often have to do interstate trips and it’s so draining and waters so much time. I also just found out work wants me to go to Amsterdam in November for a one day internal conference. Im not delighted even though I have never been and they will fly me business class. 

rosiecat January 31, 2024

So I’m a parent of two kids and I don’t let them jump on my couches at home with shoes. Genuinely curious- do you let your kids do that on fabric couches at home or is that something you save for hotels?

rosiecat January 30, 2024

I’m a high income earner who would have benefited hugely and unfairly from the stage 3 tax cuts. So glad they have been reduced. An equitable tax system is far more important than tax cuts for the rich. 

rosiecat January 24, 2024

A lot of trauma here and on the comments. Wishing you all peace. And to the author - you’re allergic to both gluten and alcohol and other things? That really sucks - from a coeliac and wine lover! 

rosiecat January 22, 2024

Not great. My MIL used to sneak meat into my food when I was a vego. Made me lose respect for her. 

rosiecat January 9, 2024

Ok. But not my experience. Amazingly, my fights with my husband are the worst part of my relationship. 

rosiecat January 9, 2024

You totally have this! You will be amazing and the bride will have a fantastic day. 

rosiecat January 3, 2024

Wow - I didn’t know flared leggings were a thing! Fashion is so bizarre!

rosiecat December 19, 2023

@mamamia-user-23733843 oh my god  - I know right. I feel so seen. My daughter is 14 and it’s nuts. 

rosiecat December 15, 2023

Just why? Aren’t there enough ugly shoes already? Flash forward to this re Birkenstock regret from last time around they were actually briefly considered fashionable:

rosiecat December 15, 2023

Unless they also awarded legal costs on a full indemnity basis that means his litigation cost him easily 10x the judgment amount

rosiecat December 15, 2023

Don’t understand loser deadbeats who refuse to pay child support. Honestly it’s very little. I ran the calculator once at it caps out at ridiculously low amounts - even if the idiots pay. No way does it reflect anything like the cost of raising children. If I left my partner, an at home parent to two kids, I would only have to pay around $600 a week for 2 kids if I didn’t have them to stay. Such garbage. It costs way more than that to house and feed and educate my kids!

rosiecat December 15, 2023

So nice to see someone is fashion embracing anti fashion and comfort! Definitely not stylish but so comfy!

rosiecat November 23, 2023

I think you should stress less. The HECs you don’t need to repay right now and education is good debt. Cut up and pay off those credit cards and try and find a better paying job. It sounds like your too hard on your performance - I have a lot of the same issues you do and work full time in a very intensive role - it’s not always easy but you do it if you look after yourself. Ask your grand parents and brother to forgive the debt if they can afford to - I bet they would be mortified if they knew you were dreading seeing them because of a debt- family is more than money. 

rosiecat November 9, 2023

I get how you feel. I also weigh just over 100kg and was prescribed the same drug. Trialed it but hated the side effects. Also hated the judgment.  You just can’t win when you’re fat. Either it’s all in you head and you need to change your narrative because people aren’t prejudiced (ha ha) and are just trying to help you be healthy. Or you need to lose weight right now you self indigent lazy pig and by the way how dare you take medication prescribed by your dr to help when don’t you know others need it more. So exhausting and depressing.  

rosiecat November 1, 2023

I can sort of relate to this one as after the birth of my first baby via emergency c section my husband let a fair few family members (mine it has to be said) hold our new baby while I was still in recovery and before I got too. I was a bit pissed but got over it quickly! Trust me - there is plenty of time for everyone to meet babies and no one misses out just because someone else met them first!