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rosiecat September 30, 2021

Withings health smart watch is also worth a look. Looks just like a normal watch but tracks steps and full health data including sleep tracing, heart rate, oxygen etc. Also let’s you know who is calling and briefly displays texts. But real pro is the battery lasts a month before having to recharge. 

rosiecat July 13, 2021

I think the problem is no one including disability permit holders are meant to park in no stopping zones for safety reasons. See Tracey should lobby the council for a disabled parking space outside her building - which they would probably grant. As opposed to seeking three on every street which won’t get passed. 

rosiecat June 23, 2021

Well done on balancing so many priorities and studying at the same time. I am a partner at a law firm and sometimes do graduate interviews. We are looking for a combination of great marks, ability to work hard and be commercial. Some firms and people are snobby about universities but most will want to employ anyone who can tick all of those boxes regardless of which uni they went to. I went to a regional uni too and it all worked out for me!

rosiecat June 22, 2021

Probably a good idea to include some medical info re pill risks rising for older women. That’s why older women don’t take it. 

rosiecat June 10, 2021

Positive I read this exact article 5 years or so ago?

rosiecat May 15, 2021

If the dog was aggressive to other dogs and bit a child I don’t think it would be responsible to rehome it. They are a breed that was designed to fight. 

rosiecat May 5, 2021

Sorry you had this experience. I know surprises are important to some people. A slightly different perspective though - maybe it’s good you had time to process and get over your gender disappointment before your son was born. I appreciate you think the relief of him being born safe would mean you wouldn’t have felt it if you found out when he was born but maybe you would have. I too really wanted a girl for my first and cried when I first found out I was having a boy. But I choose to find out early so I could build a bridge and get over it well before he was born.

rosiecat May 2, 2021

I find this article more than a little troubling. Seeking police involvement and an avo is never going to be any kind of solution. The boy in this story is 13 years old - he has multiple diagnosed disabilities - he lost his father 2 years ago and has a mother who states she views him with contempt not love. So describing him as a domestic abuser and assuming he will go on to abuse his future partners is pretty horrible. They both need intensive family. support and therapy. Not lawyers or police. My son has the same disabilities plus high functioning asd. He was literally unbearable at 13 and frequently struck out, yelled abuse etc with almost all of it directed at me. We got extra help and worked with him to find answers and put in firm boundaries. He is now a mostly lovely 15 year old. Best of luck to this mum and her little boy.