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ip May 20, 2022

Also, just to ask, if it was a father buying one for their 16 year old daughter wouldn’t this be seen as grooming? I just think this is not an issue of sex positivity but harm. where do we draw the line on things that could potentially lead kids to harm when we are normalising parents buying their kids sex toys? Such as how young will be ok and who will be ok to buy it for the kids. There are dangers of jumping in quickly without seeing what harms this could create.

ip May 20, 2022

Just wondering, as she is underage, wouldn’t buying a sex toy for a minor be illegal? 

ip March 1, 2021

Besides the kids with special needs (who I have complete sympathy and awe of their rough journey),

If neurotypical kids eat well at home, they will eat well at school. Parents not parenting right. And before there is a parade of ‘what a perfect mum’ no I’m not at all. My kids have the occasional junk food. But my job is to keep them safe and happy to teach them for their future. I bet most of you wouldn’t  put dirt in your patrol tank, why in the world would you try to fuel your children with food that empty calaries and of little nutritional value? 
Food is linked to many health issues, why put them on a path of health problems? Modem parenting. What a load of bull. 

ip February 25, 2021

If she does actually have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  my apologies and I hope learns to pace her lifestyle accordingly.

ip February 25, 2021

“I take on so much work because I don’t have a life. I’ve got chronic fatigue and I have a few other illnesses associated with stress.”

I’m not sure if this influencer has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or is just very tired from her big work load, but as someone who lives with this illness and has the impact of its devastation daily, it may be better for her to choose her words carefully instead of making light of an illness that is misunderstood and often ignored. The community is working towards gaining more understanding for the wider community. Flippant comments like these don’t really help. 

ip September 15, 2020

This was a brilliant article and full of so many truths. Such a necessary article to be shared and one that will need to be reshared over and over.