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trudi August 17, 2023

I re-watched that scene again, and I noticed how genuine it appeared to be, I know they were acting, but their eyes and how their faces changed, seemed pretty real to me.

trudi June 16, 2022

There’s a audiobook I listened to a couple of years ago called EMOTIONAL LABOR by GEMMA HARTLEY…it explores this issue SO well! You’ll listen to it and nod your head, laugh to yourself, sometimes yell a random “YES!” and cry with relief that THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING. 

trudi January 8, 2022

@dannnngirl YES! I have the same opinion, this is exactly what I thought too, priorities are clear. And some may say, oh that’s not fair to say, we don’t know their circumstances blah blah…. well it seems pretty simple as they’re on a holiday, turn the car around, no more food and fuel costs, cancel the accomodation etc, get all your refunds back and pay for the damn vet. 

trudi January 8, 2022

That was hard to read! Similar thing happened to my Mum, she fostered a beautiful 2 yr old girl from a wonderful Dog Refuge who was surrendered by a family as she needed a $5000 hip operation…so, the “Giving Up” papers were signed and that was that. My Mum was told they were given multiple financial options to help them keep her, but nope, they declined.

Fast forward 6 or so weeks, my Mum loved and nursed her back to health with 24/7 care, cooking her meals, physio, hydro etc
Lo and behold, the family calls the Refuge and wants her back after her surgery….too bloody late, my mum officially adopted her and that was the end of that x 

trudi October 5, 2021

Michael.  She was at work. It was her workplace. And that uninvited grope was NOT part of her job description and her paid acting role in the video clip 

trudi March 19, 2021

Oh gosh, my blood pressure is rising reading this! We’ve all been there! The issue at my place, is the dogs water bowls, NOT ONE PERSON in this bloody house notices when they need filling up, there’s a few placed around the house and under the patio....honestly, it’s something I feel I need to write down in the file of “When I DIE, these are the things that absolutely need doing so your Kelpies STAY ALIVE” 🙄🙄🙄