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sunbird August 4, 2022

LBL is common but it is not normal. Please go see a pelvic floor physiotherapist. They really do work wonders. You can also check out the vaginarehabdoctor and mypelvicfloormuscles on Instagram. But please don’t just accept LBL as part of child bearing when there are so many great physiotherapists specialising in this. 

sunbird June 25, 2022

I am devastated for women in America and I am terrified for their future as Justice Thomas has already said he wants to overturn access to contraception, same sex relationships and marriage. I fear this is just the beginning. 

sunbird March 18, 2021

Shows like Mafs and bachelor and it’s off shoots are terrible cheap tv created by Aussie networks to fulfill their quota of showing Aussie made shows. The initial seasons are okay and then they just go down hill where they encourage nasty behaviour - which in turns normalises sexism, racism and demeaning behaviour from both men and women. This teaches the teenagers that this is okay behaviour when it simply isn’t. It’s not okay to have these shows on when we have women being raped in our parliament, murdered on the way home, young school girls being sexually harassed and the bullying going on in schools. If we show this behaviour on tv then how can we be surprised that it seeps into the fabric of our society. Mamamia - by constantly doing articles and recaps you’re contributing to this. I have slowly stopped reading your website as I feel it contributes to the toxic society we live in. Every now and again I come back and then I see this dribble alongside articles about how our PM is being utterly useless about what is going on inside his “house”. Stop giving these people airtime! Be the change you want to see in our society and get rid of these junky tv articles and shows completely.