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sunbird January 20, 2024

 Karen asks "If you're from Africa, why are you white?" 

sadly this comment is often said to me as a white person from Africa living in Australia. And I moved to Australia in 1998 - well before the OG Mean Girls came out. Not only that but I get told I can’t possibly be from Africa. Honestly I feel embarrassed for the other person that they can be so narrow minded and unworldly. 

sunbird January 18, 2024

What a mess. As a child my parents had joint custody and I spent so much time bouncing back and forth between those two households and it was awful and that was in the same city. I can’t imagine what this would be like for two little kids bouncing between countries. Looking back on my childhood now as a parent I see what a disaster this was for me as a child. I really hope this can be sorted out without so much mess for those kids as they should be the priority. 

sunbird December 3, 2023

I love MCo. Their products are great quality, great price range and to me it shows how much profit those huge big brands have been taking from consumers for decades - especially women who already get a “pink tax”.  

sunbird October 28, 2023

Having recently stayed at a hotel with a group of influencers initially it was interesting to see them work but then it just became annoying. You couldn’t relax when they were around as they constantly had their phones and tripods etc out. They had hotel staff jumping through hoops and it affected the service and they added a pretentious and entitled air to the environment. They didn’t think twice of taking photos with our children in the background.  That was my first experience with influencers. 

My second was at a restaurant and she was there early before it got busy, she quietly did her thing and then got on with enjoying herself etc. very different attitude. But on the whole I would say banning them during busy periods is a no brainer and perhaps during quiet times and as long as they could have an arrangement with the restaurant etc would be okay. 

sunbird October 21, 2023

@my thoughts are... 100% agree with you. 

sunbird October 12, 2023

This resonates with me so much. I had an elected C-section for my second. My OB for that birth (overseas) described my first vaginal delivery as barbaric and couldn’t believe that Australia a first world country wouldn’t recommend a C-section in my situation given the potential trauma not just physical but mental as well. 

sunbird October 11, 2023

@kate m 100% agree. 

sunbird August 20, 2023

I loved SATC when it first came out and I watched it repeatedly and owned the shoebox dvd box. But I watched it in my 30’s and I couldn’t get passed how awful Carrie was. She was everything you describe in the article. I was so disappointed at how bad a person she was to her friends and how selfish she was. I haven’t been able to watch the sequel and it sounds like now that she’s in her 50’s she still hasn’t grown up and started treating people better. 

sunbird February 11, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552  you don’t need to be patronising by calling me kid. That’s pretty condescending and rude. Most of the people driving the work drinks and dinners and the “events” in every industry I’ve worked in has been your gen. 

sunbird February 10, 2023

@babble totally. Work drinks and dinner awesome when I was in my 20’s. Now no thanks. I want to go home. I feel that this gen thinks they’re so original at thinking these things too but they aren’t. If they get to do any of these things it’s because millennials started to break the patterns before them

sunbird February 8, 2023

Hi Mamamia just letting you know that Turkey is now known as Türkiye after requesting  it’s name to be officially changed changed at the UN (May 2022) which was accepted with immediate effect. It would only be correct to change the spelling to how the country wants to be called. 

sunbird February 3, 2023

@laura__palmer same and also making sure you spell it correctly as well. It’s just common decency and good manners as far as I am concerned. 

sunbird January 31, 2023

Casual racism always needs to be pointed out. I was reading about Ranjana Srivastava this morning and how people say her name wrong or blatantly say how it’s too hard to pronounce properly. It made me feel so sad. We really should do better. 

sunbird December 12, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I agree entirely with your comment. I wouldn’t want to marry into that but I wouldn’t be rude about it. Given her previous views about being an activist either Harry was the wrong choice of partner or they should have agreed to be non working from the start etc

sunbird December 12, 2022

Meghan is not the first American to marry into the royal family. And it would be good if journalist reminded her of that fact. She is not unique. Wallace Simpson was the first American and still understood the protocol and culture. And more recently Autumn Phillips also American was married to Peter Phillips and managed to assimilate perfectly fine and has never spoken like this about the family that she married into. She has not even to this date made fun of the protocols and having to curtesy - and she is now divorced from that family and hasn’t run to the media. If Meghan is upset about not being trained correctly that falls completely in the shoulders of Harry who failed to bring her up to speed. And if he didn’t know what was required for a female then he should have asked prior. He had his brother, Kate and his cousins to fall back on. 

sunbird December 2, 2022

@kyleetanya was going to write exactly this! If I’m crying and my partner or friend takes a photo of me (which is beautifully shot) I’d be questioning why. 

sunbird December 1, 2022


sunbird November 26, 2022

@yeahyepyes this is exactly what JK Rowling says. 

sunbird November 13, 2022

This is abhorrent. The women are standing up and it’s about time more of the Iranian men stood up as well.

sunbird November 12, 2022

I agree with the article I think there’s also the major elephant in the room that Jen also has to remain f*ckable because she’s not the same calibre of actress as Blanchett, Streep etc. her roles are basically the same and rely heavily on what she looks like and they have very specific target audience. At some point that dries up as newer and fresher actresses come on the scene and she gets the “mother” type role. Sadly the older woman romcom genre doesn’t really exist although the Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson film was great and funny and all the things you want for a romcom