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erin.clarke October 13, 2023

The more I think about this, the more this REALLY bothers me!! You have NO idea what friend's savings goals or responsibilities are. Just because a friend has, in your opinion, more money than you, why should you expect any other grown adult to pay for you? Especially when you call them "egotistical". You should want to see your friends achieve their financial goals and succeed. 

erin.clarke August 22, 2023

@babble did you read the article?

erin.clarke October 7, 2022

@katewebber17 exactly this!!! If it was someone that was there about a sore ankle but continued to run on it every day.. they would say to stop running on it.. it's an issue that needs to be raised as part of the consultation and treatment plan.  "My doctor "fatshamed me" is a bit of a stretch.. 

erin.clarke October 6, 2022

This point of view really does not sit right with me. The GP and physio had the exact same response. They are healthcare providers. This, to me, says that they are seeing a hazard in your treatment. Weight is a sensitive topic - absolutely, and perhaps the delivery wasn't great. Healthcare providers are human too...but are they meant to not address weight if its something they perceive as an issue in your recovery because of the risk that you might get hurt feelings? You're there about a sore ankle. I would rather my doctor be honest with me and treat my ailments than tiptoe around my feelings.

erin.clarke July 14, 2022

I'm 31 and cannot stop thinking about my fertility as well! So many feels. Thank you for putting this into words

erin.clarke July 19, 2021

@jen89 and as was pointed out - this affects us all. People NOT getting the vaccine based on incorrect information is jeopardising herd immunity.