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cumiana April 30, 2024

Australia has something called the HCCC. For when things go terribly wrong here, here in Australia which has the best laws and protections and standards in the world.

If you have surgery over there is no protection and extremely high risk, it is just not worth it.

I can’t imagine your pain and I’m so sorry

cumiana April 30, 2024

My bf likes  to cum on my face when he feels like it. I don’t mind. He watches too much porn and likes to try what he sees. We are also very adventurous and tolerant of each other and pushing each other’s sexual boundaries. COF is just something some men like some of the time.

cumiana April 30, 2024

In Sydney 200k doesn’t go far - when I was married I was in the same situation and I had $150pw for all food etc. BUt not abusive bc I managed all the finances. In this case the husband values rugs over healthcare, a bit strange but oh well.

now I’m divorced,  and he still earns 200k but pays me 25k pa child support.  It’s the freedom joy and self respect that’s different now.

cumiana July 13, 2020

I feel most sorry for young singles missing out on the fun times and promiscuity 

cumiana July 13, 2020

I had that same feeling of wanting to run away

I went away alone..initially short trips now for weeks to Asia and Europe alone

I felt a bit weird doing it but saw it as absolutely life saving. The I found out my grandma, mother of nine, had taken a two week annual leave by herself every year as well!

I also carve out me time daily weekly monthly 
Kids don’t care if you’re not there a lot and if you have a parent or partner they can help while you leave

I also would never wake up for my kids. Since they were 1-2 I said they are not allowed to come out of their room ever for any reason at night. They sleep great, we all do. When my son was baby & coughing at night the paed gave hima sedative as he said not sleeping was unacceptable. I agree.

Kate March 28, 2016

I stopped buying it when they decided to stop doing the weekly book review section. As for white women on the cover, Australia remains the most racist and sexist OECD state so no surprise there. Why single out Who magazine when it's every network, every magazine, every advertising and marketing director