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linese July 5, 2021

Regarding Julia Banks's comments on the threatening behaviour of our PM. well it's a case of "she said, he said".....I know who I believe and it's not the words of a man who fled the country while it was burning...some of us don't forget and nor do we have respect for a "leader" who is happy to tell us to call him dignified is that?

linese May 8, 2021

Katp you make sense in pointing out the difference between smacking and beating...I was beaten with a belt by my father and occasionally hit over the head by my mother...I learned from those experiences that I would never take being hit by a partner...both my boys were very strong characters and reasoning did no good so I would warn them they would be smacked (on the bottom) if they continued misbehaving...never used a belt or a stick on them nor hit them on the head though did once break a wooden spoon on the bottom of No. 2 son!  Neither of them were bullies and are good, responsible husbands and fathers, and as far as I know they don't smack their kids but they manage to discipline them by voice...that didn't work for me but I brought my boys up the way I would have liked to have been treated....their father never hit them, I was the disciplinarian  and I reckon I did a good job...they don't beat up little old ladies, are not alcoholics, drug addicts or gamblers so a very occasional smack on the bottom which didn't continue once puberty arrived (another story)....did not damage their psyche though once the testostorone kicked in.....!!!  

linese December 7, 2020

It must be obvious to anyone paying attention, that PM MOrrison is interested in himself, and not the wellbeing of those who suffered in the horrific bushfires which could have been avoided had he met with the retired fire commissioners who were well aware of what was to happen;  Scomo (and what self-respecting "leader" would so Christian himself?  is not working for the benefit of our Nation...I hope he enjoyed the Murdoch birthday good to know what  the taxpayer dollar is paying for! 

Linese Norrish January 21, 2020

When will the media cease calling the Duchess of Sussex ,Megan Markle...she is married to Harry Windsor (isn't that his legal surname??? and therefore is Mrs Windsor!!!!

Linese Norrish January 11, 2019

Yesterday I sent a comment which appeared but now it is not there. Why is this so? No point in spending time on comments when they are "disappeared". I said that the name "Jordan" came to me when I was 6 months pregnant in 1974; I had never heard the name but opened a bank account in the name of Jordan Anthony N. Learned later that the singer Helen Reddy named her son Jordan and nowadays it is more used and also for girls.