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shauna020473 January 13, 2022

Thank you so much for looking after our community. Please know that the vast majority of people are behind you. We are not fooled by the PM on this, and we would certainly not agree with that taxi driver. Health professionals have gone above and beyond for too long and need more support.

shauna020473 December 17, 2021

Yes, we can be very black and white in our thinking - ie that rapists, guys that commit domestic violence or even murderers must ‘look’ different. Have pointy ears or wear black clothes. Foreboding music must play when they enter a room. They must be nasty to all their casual acquaintances.  Hannah Arendt said it best - ‘the banality of evil’. Most of the time it’s an ordinary guy. 

shauna020473 December 16, 2021

This is basically public pedophilia and child abuse. It’s great that this is finally being re-examined. While all the examples are bad, I am most shocked about the treatment of Mara Wilson. She was a young child clearly in young children’s films yet she was still so sexualised by the media and public. Natalie Portman’s story is terrible. It’s vomit inducing. 

shauna020473 December 6, 2021

What about all the other symptoms, like migraines, vertigo, forgetfulness, anxiety ? The headaches were the worst symptom for me. 

shauna020473 December 3, 2021

Knocked up *was* fairly clearly a pretty sexist movie. I don’t think she said anything controversial. She was a really good actor. It’s amazing that anyone should care either way about something an actor says. 

shauna020473 November 28, 2021

Your show looks great. Well done! 

I am surprised by the comment that ‘fashion was my saviour’ though. Fashion has always had a pretty dark side. There are so many issues ie exploiting child models,  engendering toxic body images that can lead to eating disorders, unsustainability, terrible working conditions for some in developing countries. It’s not an industry I’d like my children to go into.  Your fashion show looks like a rare ‘good news’ fashion moment rather than the norm. 

shauna020473 November 24, 2021

Not sharing a bedroom with your siblings! Going to private skool ! 

Of all those things that you listed, houses and school fees are by far the most expensive for the average parent. 

shauna020473 November 13, 2021

It’s just another aspect of how sexist our society still is. Both men and women believe women and their bodies are public property, something we can hold  and publicly express opinions about.

 Men can look like Boris Johnson or Barnaby Joyce and no one even gives it a thought.  If someone expressed a negative view publicly about their appearance  (or even worse, to their face) it would be rightly just seen as rudeness. 

shauna020473 October 28, 2021

Thanks so much for the article. I have never been in an abusive relationship, but I have been bullied at work, a few times. This didn't involve verbal abuse. It was gaslighting, coercion, direct anger, passive aggression, blame, micro-management, deliberately ignoring me, playing favourites, public criticism, ridiculously high standards etc. While projecting an image of being a model employee to his own bosses. That sentence in the article about being accused of ruining someone's reputation,  being overly sensitive, or it being our fault ... these were things that were said to me verbatim by managers when I complained to HR. I relate to this kind of abuse slowly eroding your sense of self over time, until you are only walking on eggshells and doubting yourself about everything. Overt verbal or physical abuse is  simpler to see and explain to others. The one time I had a  boss who yelled at me, something that my current HR would consider solid evidence of bullying, we were able to talk about it afterwards, and he never did it again. It was much less painful than the years of all of the above.

shauna020473 October 11, 2021

I think we should move to the New Zealand model, where public maternity care funds go to women rather than hospitals. Then women can choose how they want to use them- ón a private midwife, private obsetrician, or in  a hospital. This would end up costing less as private midwives charge less for more patient centric care, leaving obstetricians to those with higher ríse pregnancies who really need them.

shauna020473 October 8, 2021

Interesting. What about mortgages? Or does everyone rent?  Its only mentioned in one case. I think the biggest difference between ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ at the moment is whether someone bought property 15 or more years ago, back when it was affordable. Due to the boom, they are basically all ‘rich’ now. Its much harder for younger generations. 

shauna020473 September 23, 2021

I think you might have been in my local park last weekend ; )  I can totally relate to the  dogs, lack of toilets, people with slacklines, warm wine and how to txt the friends you're meeting about where you are when you can't really describe it (?)

shauna020473 September 21, 2021

What I find the most shocking is the level of entitlement. The actions of these guys- alleged sexual harassment, bullying, affairs with junior staff - are much worse than the average person in the average job. They act as though being a government minister, in a position to make major decisions impacting the lives of millions of people across Australia and being paid incredible salaries, is a right that should be available to them. Rather than a huge privilege and grave responsibility that requires much higher than average levels of accountability, diligence, ethical behaviour and selfless service.

shauna020473 September 13, 2021

As part of an older generation, I'm sad and angry that this is what modern teens go through. Sexual harassment and assault still happened 30 years ago, but it was nowhere near as normal as it seems to have become. I think the rise of internet porn has massively changed expectations and culture, along with the basic sexism that has always been there.  I think petitions for consent education are all well and good - but what about making it easier to report to police, better education of police, and a reasonable conviction rate in courts?   It seems difficult to believe that someone could not know, for example, that an unconscious girl is clearly not consenting to anything. It seems like it would take a whole cultural shift. 

shauna020473 September 7, 2021

On Q and A I heard several speakers say they saw no evidence of reformed child sexual abusers. I like to think that you could be right, as prevention is of course better. 

What about just creating a society that respected the rights of children? If more adults viewed kids as people with rights they might think twice. Australia has a long way to go on this. We still put 10 year olds in prison. It’s still legal to assault your kids in this country, unlike in much of the world. 

shauna020473 September 5, 2021

Its great that this is finally being taken seriously by the medical profession. I had a disempowering experience with my first daughter, 14 years ago, which involved an obstetrician who, ignoring my own wishes, which were made very clear and which the midwives who attended me understood well, undermined my birth experience through subtle comments and actions. This continued to the point where I lost all confidence, given my state of vulnerability, and went along with whatever she wanted. Which ended up with me having unnecessary instrumental interventions. My baby's and my vital signs were great throughout the whole experience - baby had an Apgar 9. However, the instrumental birth had negative medical impacts on me that last to this day despite expensive physiotherapy, and  I believe could have been completely avoided. The hospital does not track this kind of impact and I was never offerred a debrief.
I hired my own private midwife for my second child, and it was a very different experience.

shauna020473 August 26, 2021

Thanks for this important reminder. What a dreadfully shameful legacy. Breaking international human rights laws and conventions in order to whip up jingoism and win elections. 

shauna020473 August 19, 2021

In the past 10 years, Australia has  stopped being a decent global citizen. We are actually increasing our greenhouse gas emissions (excluding LULUCF), while gas-lighting and pointing the finger at other countries to do more. We break international law in the way we treat refugees. We slashed our foreign aid budget, and even decided that foreign aid can be to advance our own interests rather than, you know, help other countries.  

shauna020473 August 4, 2021

I agree about Sirena tuna in olive oil, it’s  the  best canned tuna by far. But as for really expensive tins of sardines served in restaurants, I always thought that was about pretending to be in a tapas restaurant in Barcelona and the novelty of colourful retro  tins. Not about taste or value for money. 

shauna020473 July 27, 2021


A 2% chance of dying of COVID19 if you catch it is about 10,000x greater than the risk of dying from the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.  

In terms of not fully testing COVID vaccines - no vaccines in world history have ever been given to so many people as the COVID vaccines.  The data for the COVID vaccines are better than for any other vaccine ever developed. 

Its an amazing feat that they were developed in such a rapid time and that now about 27% of the entire world's population has had at least one dose.