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shauna020473 July 21, 2021

Its great that this is finally being acknowledged. It seems that women's needs for psychological safety during birth has been ignored for a long time.

Even without a particularly traumatic birth, the act of giving birth itself puts women at risk of psychological injury - ie sudden extreme lack of sleep due to baby's needs, sudden physical changes like massive weight loss and blood loss, massive hormonal fluxes, and in the case of C section, a major, life changing operation. These alone would be enough to cause postnatal mental health issues for many.  In previous eras, it was considered normal that postnatally women would be looked after for many weeks, so that they have time to come to recover psychologically and physically.

shauna020473 July 20, 2021

Thank you. So important to point this out. I think the contrast between how Australian governments have respected the science on COVID  and taken efforts to reject anti-science disinformation about it vs the way they have actively undermined the science on climate change and encouraged disinformation is so stark.  Shameful. 

shauna020473 July 14, 2021

I’m just not that interested in the olympics. I haven’t watched it for 20 years. And I agree about Bridgerton, it was pretty terrible. 

shauna020473 July 7, 2021

Thank you, that was hilarious! You watch it so we don’t have to;)

shauna020473 July 7, 2021

Thanks for those. I also really like Bran Nue Day, and the documentary Gurrumul, which was amazing. 

shauna020473 July 2, 2021

Thanks for your story about an inspiring person who is a good role model for Australians in terms of dignity, activism, intelligence, and selfless service to a cause that helps others despite her own adversity. I am so thankful that in the Australia of 2021 we have (mostly) grown up enough to recognise it.

shauna020473 July 1, 2021

The intestines cake and the archeological dig! So awesome 

shauna020473 June 30, 2021

.. and for documentaries - Three Identical Strangers.  Mindblowing.

shauna020473 June 30, 2021

Wakefield and Starstruck on ABC. 

shauna020473 June 30, 2021

I called to find out if my kids could get it, but was told that its only over 18s. Gosh it will be such a relief when my kids are finally vaccinated. Even though COVID-19 is a lower risk for them, its still a thousand-fold higher than the risk of a blood clot from a vaccine.

shauna020473 June 30, 2021

I don't mind some 'bluntness' , if someone is honest and good hearted, but perhaps slightly Asperger's. 

The bullies that I can't cope with are the manipulative ones - who say one thing to you, and a different thing about you to others. Who are your friend this week, when its in their interest, and next week you'll be ignored or put down.  
People who interact using control and game playing, and will do anything to make themselves look good, even at your expense. This to me is infinitely worse than people who can come across as rude or blunt.

shauna020473 June 28, 2021

@emz  Since this morning, you now can ;)

shauna020473 June 28, 2021

This is so true. The media haven't always helped though, with so many stories about vaccine blood clots, very few of which highlighted that the risk was 1/100 the risk of common birth control pills, currently taken by millions in Australia, and that tens of millions of people had AstraZeneca it in the UK without incident. Let alone the blood clotting risk from Covid19 itself!  The federal govt could have countered all of this if they had had a consistent plan and communicated it much, much more effectively.

shauna020473 June 18, 2021

All of these phenomena are true. It’s  something I talk about with my daughters and husband a lot. My husband sees it in his female vs male colleagues. Just a very real impact of generations of misogyny- meaning that we women need to do a lot more emotional ‘work’ to reassure ourselves of our place in the world and that we’re good enough mothers/workers/leaders etc 

shauna020473 June 8, 2021

Thanks for the article. I agree with the concept of 'toxic feminity'. To me the ultimate example would be someone like Eva Braun. Accounts of her at the time paint her as extremely passive,  willfully blind and ignorant,  willing to be abused and treated like a small child and enabling and supporting her partner, Adolf Hitler in his actions. Who was a narcissitic drug addict, whose needs for power, revenge and control ultimately led to millions of murdered people and destitute countries. 

I'm not sure if women having arguments with other women or being verbally abusive or discriminatory towards other women fits this category. It sounds more like  immature people behaving badly - both men and women do this.

shauna020473 May 22, 2021

If you are looking for the fundamentally weird thing about Australian schools, its the funding model. As far as I know, Australia is the only country in the world to give massive amounts of public funds to private organisations (and often religious ones, in a fairly secular country) to run their own primary and secondary schools.
In most countries, if you want to send your child to a private school, you pay for it yourself, and don't expect the general public to subsidise it.
The end result is a hugely unequal education system. Some kids experience immense privilege (tennis courts, swimming pools, fancy music studios) and others have leaking roofs, no heating or aircon, and not enough textbooks.

shauna020473 May 22, 2021

I am totally with you on school uniforms, especially ridiculous private school uniforms. They are archaic and seem to be only about showing off  privilege or reinforcing a certain image. However, I think the ATAR is not a bad system in principle - just that its over-hyped by schools and parents, leading to too much pressure on students.
We called our 'tuck shop' a canteen -  its just a kiosk for those who didn't bring lunch.
I think sitting cross legged on the ground is not bad. What's wrong with it? We were mostly indoors, in the school hall. Its a perfectly normal way to sit - and amongst other things, its given me life long hip flexibility.

shauna020473 May 13, 2021

As a woman working in science, this is really hard to accept. First of all, that someone with no apparent knowledge, interest or experience with science is given this role, second that it is considered a demotion, third, that he has uninvestigated rape allegations against him, and finally, that he has multiple allegations of sexist and inappropriate behaviour towards women as outlined in the 2020 four corners episode. Any one of these should have excluded him from the role. 

shauna020473 May 6, 2021

If the issue had only been the volume of cases and hotel quaratine, flight arrivals from India could easily have been slowed down or spaced out. The fact that they were  banned, and not only that but citizens faced with jail terms, shows that this is something much deeper.

Australia is now one of the lowest contributors in foreign aid as a proportion of GNI in the developed world ( That the idea of Australian doctors helping out in India is not even countenanced is another sign of our lack of empathy.

shauna020473 May 5, 2021

Thanks for sharing your story. Australia is unfortunately now showing off to the whole world its reactivity, selfishness, parochialism and xenophobia.  If you look at the world Covid 19 tracker, India is still well below the world average in terms of cases per head of population.  Its clear that the problem is not so much that India has a higher density of Covid19 than any other country now or previously, but that it has a health system that is not currently coping. No surprise, as its a developing nation of 1.4 billion people. They need help, not reactivity.
I am saddened that the first response of the Australian government was not to offer empathy, aid, doctors and oxygen to India. We're a rich country, we can afford it. Anyone flying in from India needs to be treated in the same way as anyone coming from the US, most of Europe, Brazil, etc - all areas with higher amounts of Covid19 per head of population. I remember a similar response during the Ebola epidemic in west Africa in 2014. It was embarrassing to be Australian, given the paranoia coupled with a lack of empathy.