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shauna020473 June 19, 2024

Yes, so true. In the past 30 years, the mostly coalition governments have made housing a lot more expensive through tax policies that favour investors over owner-occupiers, and have tripled HECS. Yes, millennials will inherit, but not until they are in their 60s. That doesn’t help when people have young families and need the money the most.

shauna020473 April 22, 2024

This situation reminds many of us of every time we were given a dirty look for breastfeeding or having newborn baby vomit on our shirts,  every time we were excluded from a venue or event because we had a baby or child,  of being tut tutted for 'leaving work early' even though we'd been up caring for others since 5 am, of having our job re-assigned while on parental leave or pregnant, of being shamed for  having 'unruly kids' who might (heaven forbid) cry on a plane or drop food on the ground in a restaurant. 

Acceptance and tolerance would be nice. Somehow our society has forgotten that babies and children are people too. They'll grow up to be the ones who pay taxes and look after us in our nursing homes. 

shauna020473 April 22, 2024

@laura__palmer  I have seen quite a lot of sympathy for the mum. 

I've been in her shoes - its plain horrible.  The lack of compassion for the realities of being a new mum is hard to take.  Of course there are always comments like 'its not the breastfeeding, its just the noise'. Said by the same person who doesn't seem to have a problem with adults who are loud. 

shauna020473 April 22, 2024

@Cait I couldn't agree more.  For the first year, a mum and baby are still a unit, its just an extension of pregnancy,. A bf mum can't 'just get a babysitter'. She needs to be available basically 24/7. 

When new mums are treated like pariahs in this country, is it any wonder that PND rates are sky high?
Does he also ban people who might make odd noises because they have disabilities or just really loud, annoying laughs? How did he ever deal with heckling?

shauna020473 April 17, 2024

Yes, I agree. 

Our society has almost decriminalised sexual assault. We celebrate when a male judge actually believes a credible woman in a case with overwhelming evidence, even though the perpetrator will not face any consequences and appears to have learnt nothing.
Justice Lee even made his own little jokes throughout. Its appalling.

shauna020473 April 16, 2024

This attacker was a young man with poorly managed schizophrenia having psychotic delusions. In 2015, a close friend of mine was randomly stabbed to death in the street by a young man with poorly managed psychotic episodes.

Of course-  the vast majority of schizophrenics are not violent, BUT young men with poorly managed symptoms can be and we need to be honest about it.

shauna020473 April 15, 2024

This is all well and good. BUT.  A woman who "On the balance of probabilities' was raped just had her life upended for 5 years. She was humiliated and impugned to be a liar in (parts of) the media, had her diaries and txts in court and the media, was dragged through the courts by her alleged rapist and former boss. 

If we had justice in this country, in 2019, a judge would have said what was said this week, and none of us would know her name.  She could have got on with her life. 

shauna020473 April 14, 2024

It was an attack by someone with both serious schizophrenia (that much is known) and most likely other factors, such as a tendency to violence and/or current addiction. 

Such factors combined makes someone at least 10x more likely to commit violent crimes, according to research, ie

Its time we had a serious conversation about what more we can do for the seriously mentally ill - and not just the tiny proportion of them who commit violent crimes. 

shauna020473 April 8, 2024

I couldn't agree more. I have no understanding of how or why the media seems to be interested in analysing every last aspect of this case except the most glaring - that this case shows an extreme level of victimisation through police and court processes and the media. It has probably set back the likelihood of sexual assault victims even attempting to let alone actually procuring justice by decades. 

shauna020473 March 21, 2024

I think this was clearly written by someone without kids :)

Kids don't only drop things, although they do that a lot too. They purposely put unexpected things anywhere in the house, car, garden, other peoples' homes, etc etc because they are playing with it. 

shauna020473 January 11, 2024

North and South. Even better than Pride and Prejudice.

shauna020473 December 15, 2023

Australia is now increasingly isolated as one of only a few developed nations where smacking kids is still legal. The evidence is clear of how this normalises physically violent reactions towards those we love. Then we wonder why we have such high rates of domestic violence…..

shauna020473 December 15, 2023

Does Anna have a gofundme or is there another way we can help? Living in a tent with 5 kids is ?!&##!!!

shauna020473 December 2, 2023

So true. The worst part of the sexist and abusive public commentary about women who accuse men of assault is that the victim blaming silences other women. It sends the message to abusers that they are justified and will not be punished. And the cycle continues… 

shauna020473 October 17, 2023

So much of the media sowed confusion, didn’t report or explain the Uluṟu statement. 9 years of Coalition govt meant that many people had forgotten or never known about the Stolen generation, the massacres, deaths in custody, indigenous kids in adult jails. Australia’s shameful secrets. The Voice was a very modest step towards change, ie try asking before you impose, but we couldn’t even do that.

shauna020473 September 15, 2023

@gu3st Yes, I understand about 'letting it run'

I wanted to add something because, the 1) point of Pippa is actually the most alarming to me, similar to holocaust denial. Genocide denial. 

Yes, the majority of countries have been invaded, occupied or colonised. But for the majority of the world's population (ie India, China, much of Asia, most of Africa, European countries fighting Nazi occupiers, Ukraine right now etc, etc ), these events are associated with trauma and tragedy, and most have long since become independent of their attempted or actual invaders or colonisers. 

In Australia, the British went much further than most, in literally attempting to 'assimilate'/wipe out indigenous people through various policies, with results such as the Stolen Generation. 
What kind of country are we if we sanitize this history?  Just because we are mostly the descendents of the colonisers doesn't make it ok. This is by no means a secret, its all out there in classic history books like The Fatal Shore. 

shauna020473 September 14, 2023


I don't see anywhere in the article where specific politicians are referred to, or anyone is called naive, misinformed etc. 
Unfortunately the conversation on the Voice has degenerated and become quite toxic and racist in the past couple of weeks. The whole point of this article is to counter the claims that are untrue, as there are just so many being said at the moment.

shauna020473 September 14, 2023


Your rose coloured glasses about British colonisation are funny. Historical research shows exactly the opposite - Britain was one of more brutal. Ie

shauna020473 September 14, 2023


In regards to 1, the statement was "The history of every country in the world is one of conquest and colonisation, usually much more brutal than the English."
Countries that have never been colonised are: Liberia, Ethiopia, Japan, Thailand, Bhutan, Iran, Nepal, Tonga, China, and possibly North Korea, South Korea and Mongolia. But more to the point, even many of the countries that were 'colonised' are now independent and run by the indigenous people, ie India, most of the Pacific, most of Africa etc. 
Also, as stated above, often the British have been uniquely brutal in their colonisation methods.

shauna020473 September 14, 2023

Wow, how tragic. What caught my eye is that her mum was a successful software engineer on the board of a feminist organisation. 

Maybe she is just rebelling against her parents, and enjoying lots of attention while she's at it.