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nanajools June 5, 2021

This was/is the story of my life. My 4 sons are 36, 33, 30 and 28. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked “are you going to try for a girl” I could have retired years ago (I’m 60). The most anger inducing moment was shortly after my youngest son was born when another school mum asked me if I was “really disappointed” I had had “yet another boy”. Thank goodness for pram handles. I’ve never gripped anything so tightly in my life. It was the only thing stopping me from giving her a good slap. As it was I replied with as much calm as I could muster “no. I am thankful and delighted to have had a healthy baby.” I proceeded to grit my teeth, turn my back and walk away. Over the years I have been asked more times than I can count if I “regretted” not having a girl (seriously). My response these days is hell no. I had enough trouble managing my own PMT never mind someone else’s as well. I find it easy to deflect with humor these days but gee, some people (face palm here)

nanajools February 20, 2021

Had 40cm cut off my hair nearly 8 years ago. Will never go back to long hair. Currently sporting a buzz cut’s summer and I can 

NanaJools April 28, 2020

I really feel for each of them. At least their mums are still here, even if it is at a distance. Lost my mum to cancer almost 10 years ago. Treasure every day.

NanaJools April 17, 2019


NanaJools April 17, 2019

Most intelligent thing anyone has said about any of these issues for just about ever. Bravo! 👏👏👏

NanaJools March 31, 2019

Instead of using the law perhaps it’s time for men to really step up in regards to birth control and I mean really step up. Perhaps if this bloke had been more responsible and not made the girl pregnant in the 1st place …well we wouldn’t need to have this discussion. On the other hand perhaps that was the plan … get her pregnant in order to control and/or keep her. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and the power to make decisions about ones own body cannot be taken for granted.

NanaJools March 29, 2019

100%right Rush. I’m the mother of 4 adult sons too. What a load of pathetic bulls***. It’s women like her who enable these medieval attitudes to continue.🤬

NanaJools March 29, 2019

Absolute gold 👏👏👏

NanaJools March 29, 2019

This trend looked pretty awful on anyone older than 12 x number of years ago. Nothing has changed. Still looks blah

NanaJools March 18, 2019

Really Tanya???? I’m not quite old enough to remember the polio and other epidemics of the past but I am old enough to remember a number of kids I went to primary school with (mid 60s UK) having an older relative in a wheelchair or walking with calipers and one confined to an iron lung. Here’s a suggestion…if you are so convinced immunizing your kids is so bad hop on a plane and go someplace like northern Pakistan where polio remains endemic and you can see for yourself. Bet you wouldn’t be game to take your kids. Ignorance and selfishness masquerading as freedom of choice.

NanaJools November 20, 2018

Whatever happened to setting a good example and getting a real job?