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bbbbbb November 23, 2023

Seems pretty easy to me, next catch up you just tell her you  are planning a couple holidays with X and Y, end of. I very much doubt she will  say, 'oh, a couples holidays, sound fun, sign me in!'

bbbbbb October 30, 2023

Please do a follow up on this story. I truly want to believe Mirabelle will find her partner this way, but old cynical me think there won't be one guy out there who will be willing to wait, and certainly not the  ones on dating apps.  This will only work if all women did this!

bbbbbb October 29, 2023

What's next? Camel toe pants?

brig October 14, 2023

I am in mourning too.

brig October 7, 2023

So according to this, Marylin Monroe is a troll.

brig September 17, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 True true, but still on topic as a way to save money.

brig April 12, 2022

I don't understand why you dad never told you he was keeping record of the money and he would ask for you to give it back.  Fair enough that he dd, but warning right from the start would have been useful for you.

brig April 12, 2022

A great watch too: Sanditon

brig April 2, 2022

I'm sorry this happened to you, but know this, it's not personal, he is probably doing it to dozens of women at the same time. Going to the the police, as embarrassing as it may be it the the right thing to do.

brig March 29, 2022

I only see one narrative here, and that is violence is not acceptable.

And to the people who are saying Smith acted purely out of control rage, there was nothing out of control in the way he casually strolled to that stage.

brig March 28, 2022

@cat He did let it slide at first, you even see him laughing.

brig March 28, 2022

People say he was defending his wife. No women need to be defended in that way.
If she wasn't happy, let her speak for herself.

brig March 26, 2022

That show made such a big deal of being 'color blind', but it certainly not 'shape' blind', very unfortunately.

brig March 17, 2022

Yes it's 2022, but those guys have grown up pre me too campaign and sexism and patriarchy is still in them, to a certain extend, I wonder if men will ever changed.
They'll might not rate women in public,  but they will in their head.

brig March 10, 2022

You need to talk about the russian prisoners taken by the ukrainiens. They are being looked after very well and they are asking their mothers to come and pick them up to take them back home

brig October 23, 2021

Let's stop commenting on body full stop, positive or negative.

brig August 23, 2021

It's too late, my father passed away, and I had to watch his funeral on my whatsapp. Well it wasn't even a funeral, as that was not allowed. Too many deaths over there.