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tracey May 18, 2020

I love Chat 10 Look 3 with Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. They mostly talk books, television, food and they have a great energy and chemistry. For two award winning, "serious" political journalists they are very very funny.

Champagne Days March 31, 2020

Hello, I think you might need to fact check the fines you have listed (Queensland) or perhaps it's a typo. I think the spot fines are $1334 for individuals and $6672 for business.

Champagne Days May 4, 2015

Mia - a very thoughtful and sensitive interview.
Robyn - as a fellow Brisbanite, I have followed your career for over the decades and I have always admired you as a media personality. You are an extraordinary person and I shake my head at your strength and wisdom. Mia is right, your boys are incredibly fortunate to have you as their mum and as a mum myself to one little boy if I can be half the mother that you are then I will be happy. Being an awesome media personality is one thing but by God you are truly an amazing mother and more than anything that is what counts. Hang tight, and onwards and up you go. You and your boys have a bright future ahead.

Champagne Days May 1, 2015

Loved this book - such a enjoyable read and somewhat relatable - hope there is a second book in you

Champagne Days February 12, 2015

Goodness any chance we could quit with the MM criticism. There's just lots of little snide comments that whilst I get some people want to vent their frustrations it's also starting to get a bit boring. I don't comment as much because the comments are always more of a dig at mm rather than people actually posting stuff that is worth reading about. This is a free website, we don't pay a subscription so just take it for what it is and let's all stop trying to be self appointed editors. Rant over.

Champagne Days February 11, 2015

Oh this made me laugh. I remember when my little boy (now 18 months old) was about 4 months old and wasn't technically "due for a feed" (bottle fed so I thought I had the timing pretty right) but was crying crying crying and I couldn't work out why. Yep - he was just hungry!!!

Champagne Days January 19, 2015

I was not sure about this product - I'm a bit of a stickler for salon products over the supermarket brands but I was pleasantly surprised. It was especially good for my frizzy hair and also seemed to help with getting a decent blow dry as well. Would def buy this.

Champagne Days January 8, 2015

Well it has been a while since I've posted let alone the first to do so.
Congrats on the new layout - I really like it - it looks very clean and modern and to be honest I've not had any problems finding stuff but perhaps I wasn't online when you were experiencing the hiccups.
Best - I've spent the best part of the last year working on my website/blog and I'm now live on air. Many of the posts date back to my IVF days so some are pretty raw and expose me and my darkest time. The more recent stuff relates to anxiety as a new mum and just daily musings.
Not a lot of worse going on for me - certainly not in the big scheme of things anyway. Lots of OMM though - returning to work, managing staff changes at work, managing a busy toddler who is gorgeous and wonderful but appears to only want to throw food rather than eat it and that's when he isn't hurling himself off the couch. Any mums of toddlers who have ground breaking advice on how to get through this I welcome your comments!