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naomifang October 23, 2023

am a former day care director (in the same area mentioned in the article) and have worked in ECEC for 15 years, I am also a mother. I would like to speak to the waitlist ‘being bullshit’ - unless you’ve heard that directly from an administrator or director (which would be highly unprofessional) waitlists are 100% legit. I don’t think parents understand that day care workers (educators, admin & management) are juggling rules and regulations that number into the thousands and that every decision has to be a measured one based on government and/company policies and procedures. We’re already under pressure from all sides, most of us are parents or have equally weighty care responsibilities outside of work. Most of us are struggling to survive on pittance of pay whilst being accused by wealthy parents of losing hats and faffing around with things like waitlists. Not only that - the constant disrespect from society for doing a job that is SO complex and vital to the functioning of communities has pushed out emotionally sensitive and intelligent workers and largely (not completely) left behind people who are there for a pay check. I loved the children I looked after, I can tell you their names and birthdays from over a decade ago and I have given my everything to this industry but what I continually hear is good intentions to fix the industry and little to no action. I hope you find a place in a good service and I hope you understand that the workers are doing their best and have so much going on behind the scenes. 

naomifang March 27, 2022

People speak about only children with such ignorance, discounting the hardships or personal choices (which are completely valid) of any parents who only have one child. In addition; my Chinese husband and billions of Chinese children are only kids, because it’s what the government dictated for a specific period of time. Thanks for the article, it spotlights a long glossed-over issue.

naomifang January 26, 2022

👏🏼👏🏼 You’d think it would be better business sense to cater for more sizes? 

naomifang October 12, 2021

I had the exact same thing happen when I had my son. I was convinced I was going to have a girl and really connected to that idea, I wasn’t disappointed, more so, disbelieving when I was told I was having a boy and it took me a few sonograms to actually understand the reality of having a boy. Now that I have him though I cannot imagine anyone different, I love every single thing about him and am obsessed with him, I’m so glad I have him, he’s so much better than my daydreams 💜

naomifang September 29, 2021

I’m also a white woman married to a Chinese man, he grew up the north east China and I’ve found that even the differences between Australian born Chinese people and Chinese born Chinese people are growing. Last year when Covid started he was on a train when someone threatened to hurt him unless he moved, earlier in our relationship we had an old man come up to us and tell us he disapproved of our relationship and when we had our first baby earlier this year he had to continually show ID and convince hospital staff he was my husband and our baby’s father. This is the tip of the iceberg. I think because Chinese people are generally reserved we don’t hear about their stories of casual racism in the same way as others, but it should be spoken about more. Our son looks very white but will speak fluent Mandarin, I’m hoping for a better world for him to grow up in where he can be proud of both his languages and heritages.