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shadow July 7, 2020

I was lucky enough to be allocated housing commission when I left my marriage with two young children. Although I was grateful to have a roof over our heads the majority of tenants were infact alcoholics, drug addicts, violent & abusive. We lived in fear and even the police would only turn up in numbers.. it is hurtful to have people judge you and your innocent children because of where you live but I do understand why.

shadow July 6, 2020

Having unsuccessfully tried to get off antidepressants for nearly 20yrs, I finally found what was right for me. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  After approx. 12mths of using this technique I felt mentally strong enough to give it my all. The first 3 mths were hard.. all the physical symptoms on top of my mind seeming to fight me every step of the way. I nearly restarted on Lexapro because I wasn’t used to ‘feeling ‘ or challenging the real problem behind my anxiety. (Medication controIs this) I am now 6 mths medication free & just starting to find emotions ‘familiar ‘ & the anxiety under control. I feel alive again for the first time in over 20yrs. 

Kim Cranston August 5, 2019

For someone who has never experienced such a debilitating illness to love you enough to learn, understand & support you speaks volumes about who he is. My family & friends I feel I’ve always supported during their times of need obviously didn’t love me enough to do the same. Speaks volumes! 💜💜. Good luck to you both x