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loz86 August 8, 2023

I would not have read this article if it warned of spoilers from succession. The thing about multiple streaming sites are that there is so much choice. Not everyone has watched the same show as you, at the same time...

loz86 June 20, 2023

I am still confused. I don't think there is enough detail to make an informed choice. The functions of the Voice (i.e. what they will actually do...) is important to know before voting yes or no. 

loz86 June 7, 2023

The Philips avent drying rack is much easier to keep clean and is portable :) would also recommend getting what you can second hand. Will save you so much money. Kids develop so rapidly, what they need constantly changes. People arr always selling or giving away things in great condition. Agree re jersey wraps, need no more than 2. One muslin. Likely to be gifted these! Angelcare bath support and pigeon milk cannister are great items

loz86 May 24, 2023

Gahh i loved The Babysitters Club, The Pony Pals and the Saddle Club. Trip down memory lane...such good memories! 

loz86 April 18, 2023

What a complex minefield of a topic. Nailed it Mia. I feel seen. 

lozenges December 12, 2022

To her left, is a man who has only ever known a life in which he curtsies in front of his grandmother.
Haha I would like to see that! I think the author meant 'bow'. 

Lozenges November 28, 2022

Gah this article resonates a little with me...we asked that a friend not bring her baby to our wedding...she was breastfeeding him. Her sister looked after him and brought him down to the reception so he could feed. My friend did not make big deal at all about it, but since becoming a mum, I am horrified with myself.