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mamamia-user-784002933 November 4, 2020

I’m getting strongly reminded of Belle Gibson when reading this article. I bet these two have super similar psychological profiles. The main difference here is that with Ms Calloway, people (her readers, customers, publishers - WHY does she keep getting book deals??) seem to be lining up to enable this continued pathological behaviour. 

Carolyn July 28, 2019

Actually, having worked as part of a multidisciplinary pall care team, you do try to be as gentle as possible with patients and their families (many of whom are far more upset than the patient themselves). Saying ‘passed away’, ‘when Mum passes away’ etc etc is terminology often used when you’re trying to be very gentle and comforting at a very emotionally fraught time. Of course everyone is all too painfully aware that ‘died’ or ‘dying’ are the more correct terms, but you’ve really got to pick your moments to pull out the straight talk in these situations.

Carolyn February 10, 2016

Good on you Mamamia for publicising these a*sholes. If we cannot rely on our justice system to keep us safe, at least stories like this can make us more aware.

Carolyn January 2, 2015

Zoe, sending you hugs. I lost my Mum the same way. It's a horrible club that no-one wants to belong to, but I really think the only people who understand how you feel are the others that have been through it too. The worst thing for my Mum was that she'd lost her own mother the same way as a teenager, so she knew what we were all going through as well as what was ahead for her.
For every horrible traumatic memory, I try and make myself think of one good one with her, and after every crying jag I try and say thanks for the good times we had as well.
Sending you love and happy times with the people you love xxx

Carolyn July 7, 2014

Ah Megan, that brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for being so brave and so honest. I am trying to do the same thing with my own secrets, bring them out into the light.
I'm beginning to find that when you are raw and open like that it doesn't diminish you, it makes you feel relieved and calm and strong. No-one has any power over you when you are honest because there's nothing to hold over you anymore. Beautiful song too.