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veronicae June 6, 2022

What an enjoyable read. Thank you 

veronicae April 9, 2022

Thank you I love this article. Not enough is written about life choices when you don't want to have children or a partner. My friends and my work keep me busy enough. I am good thanks, happily single. :)

veronicae February 15, 2022

This is great I love this article post Mia, I wish I had it 10 years ago when I turned 50 and working with a team of much younger people, I still work with a team of much younger people and these days  I chart a course of listening much more than commenting much less anxiety. I loved Mirandas story in AJLT and it made me laugh at my own social failings  You are so right I love my age and own it and it doesn't bother me I don't fit into the social scene very grateful actually as I do not want to go back I am keeping my eyes firmly on the front. :) 

veronicae February 13, 2022

I loved AJLT every episode along with the writers room podcast. I really want a season two that will make me very happy. Re: Steve, In the funeral episode when Miranda is trying to get a drink she tells the reluctant attendant "my husband supplied the alcohol or spirits" may be the only mention of him being in business? Anyway I love being a MPlus member, the  news letters and all the AMA videos.

veronicae October 2, 2021

I love Fitbit and I have just upgraded my Alta HR to the new Luxe SE absolutely love it. I only need a fitness tracker and the Luxe is perfect and very pretty. I use it mainly for steps. swimming. reminders to move, and the sleep tracking. The new oxygen measure is interesting but not really sure how to use it to any benefit. I don't use the Premium service and have never subscribed. I get 7 full days of Battery but do not use the connected GPS when I am walking as I don't need it. The SE comes with 2 bands including  the beautiful Gorjana link bracelet so comfortable to wear even sleep in it. I recommend this fitness tracker to any woman who does not want a large and heavy smart watch I have very small wrists so this is perfect for me.

veronicae July 8, 2021

Beautiful episode and so important, funny and sad but overall very heart warming. I wish all families could support each other like this. 

veronicae May 20, 2021

Brilliant series I couldn’t watch Zabel get shot so I still had hoped the next episode we would find him in hospital obviously not if he was shot in the head. Each of the 5 episodes have ended with such powerful cliffhangers very sad there’s only 2 left. 

veronicae April 24, 2021

Mamamia commentary on this tragic subject is so very important domestic violence is not going away only seems to be getting worse. The photo of Kobe holds so much joy and promise as does the photo of Kelly both lives lost to preventable domestic rage. 

veronicae February 17, 2021

Jockey Parisienne definitely deserve #1 spot, I heard Monz talk about them on outloud many years ago and thought I would give them ago,  best thing ever so light and comfortable easy to wash, quick to dry and  absolutely no VPL ever. I own many pairs now and my original pair still look as good as new Christmas purchase.