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lizbette March 16, 2021

Yes!! my mother used to say messages but she wasn't Irish. I think it's a generational thing. She would say 'I'm going to get my messages'. 

lizbette February 4, 2021

@bluebear11 Yep...I'm hearing ya. I go to Just Cuts and do my colouring at home. I feel going to the hairdressers or beauticians can be an exercise in shaming. Like you are using the wrong products or if you really cared you would invest in yourself...blah's so comes from a place of privilege. 

lizbette February 4, 2021

@fightofyourlife Okay - whatever.

lizbette February 2, 2021

@fightofyourlife yeah....that's obvious...but even a couple of days isn't that much - I've gone a couple of days without a wash and gone to the hairdresser. That shouldn't be a big deal.

lizbette February 2, 2021

If you find washing dirty hair 'disgusting' then you are in the wrong job. Why would you bother washing your hair that day when you are going to the hairdressers later? You don't actually touch the hair until it's wet anyway and you are using shampoo - so I don't understand how you find that gross. I find going to the hairdresser's intimidating also - no wonder I get stressed asking for a boring cut and blow-dry.

lizbette January 19, 2021 woman asked me (and this was only a couple of years ago) a top university was I married and did I have kids.

I've had some woeful experiences - like this bloke interviewed me on the phone for about five minutes and I only lived up the road from the work place. It turned out this place was a disaster. 

lizbette December 2, 2020

Where do I start? I've had a number. One throwing an item at me and calling me a 'little sh*t', another one thought I had a hearing problem and pressured me into getting my hearing checked, another one completely ignoring only to talk to me to be given an outline of the job. 

Workplace bullying is real. I'm in a low level position because I have been that traumatised that I won't go for new jobs now. 

lizbette November 28, 2020

It depends. If it's an exxy restaurant - no - just leave the kids with a babysitter. It's not fair on other people who might have spent some time saving up for a special occasion. Children need to be socialised - and this means restaurants settings. But that isn't permission for kids just be kids - they also need to be reined in.

lizbette October 29, 2020

I'm studying a course at the moment and someone created a What's Ap group - it was a nightmare! just constant comments, mostly whines about people not getting their sh*t together study wise and expecting people to feel sorry for them. I had to get out of there - it was doing my head in.

It was the same for the FB group - constant whining about how hard everything was - it was too distracting.

lizbette October 29, 2020

On the proviso we can retire the term ' a mother'. As if any non mother couldn't understand anything that is child related. 

It just smacks of smugness, moral superiority and on upmanship. 

lizbette October 8, 2020

This scares the hell out of me - it's so sobering. I thank god I have my own apartment as well through an inheritance. But that said...with all the qualifications in the world age is a huge barrier. No-one can see past 50. The world is unfortunately made up of 30 somethings making all the hiring decisions who seem to think they will never get old or somehow 40 plus is light years away. 

People this lady's age have ALOT to offer to the world. Who says you need to stop working at 65?? People in their 50s and beyond have so much to offer to the workforce. I just don't get it. 

I'm also glad I started working in '93, built up super and that I never married or had children - I think marriage and kids (I'm sorry to say) is not a good deal for women. This story is another reason why I choose to stay single and out of relationships. 

lizbette October 4, 2020

I know what you mean. I remember having a 'mentoring' session with this woman who ran her own home organisation business and she flat out told me she wouldn't have me tidying her home (you guessed it married + kids) because she said that I 'wouldn't understand the needs or what was needed to be done' because I didn't have children'. Her suggestion was just stick to tidying units for people like myself. Okay...gee thanks.

And...she had this smugness about her which I found irritating as well. 

lizbette September 30, 2020

So much better! such an improvement...interesting places with interesting people - not something out of a home interior mag or Insta or something you've seen a thousand times before. Keep it up Mamamia!

Love the apartment - I actually love the kitchen...especially the timber trim. I love all that retro stuff....such a home!

lizbette September 9, 2020

I agree with Rush. I could buy a mag and get the same thing. I would really much rather see people's places as they are - you know with a bit of personality - not someone's reno job which you have seen a thousand times before - there is nothing new in this -it's lovely...but a little dull.  I love the earlier pieces where it showcased people's quirky spaces...their interesting books they have read, or their fav daggy lounge etc - you know...things that tell a story - I thought that was the spirit of the piece? 

lizbette September 9, 2020

@mamamia-user-5071582 yeah....but that's what magazines are for.  I thought the page was for everyday lives not something curated within an inch of it's life! It's just not helpful during this time. 

lizbette August 30, 2020

This is beyond tasteless. I know they are pretty young but the writer is correct - it's not our place to tell the survivors' stories without their permission. The whole take looks incredibly narcissistic and self absorbed. 

lizbette August 26, 2020

Her place is lovely....but I think readers would prefer a real lived in space - this looks like it was styled via a home magazine - it's too perfect. I thought the purpose of these weekly pieces were to highlight homes that people lived and worked in everyday. No one really lives in a place this neat and tidy all the time. 

lizbette August 7, 2020

The Coroner's Office??? I jaw nearly touched the floor when I read that.  The absolute hide and gall.

This author's comments reminded me of the time as my mother was spending her last days on brother contacted her estranged sister and rather than hear about her sister's impending situation she wanted to know who was married or had babies!! She treated the phone call as some kind of gossip catch-up session. People can be so tactless and so utterly clueless. 

My heart so goes out to this lady. 

lizbette August 2, 2020

This is fantastic - but there are so many double standards - if a man fathers a child in his 40s no-one bats an eyelid - in fact they are envied for still 'having it'. Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart anyone?? No one has a go at them. No-one is concerned for the children when it's men doing it. No-one concern trolls them, no-one berates them. If a woman in her 40s has a child - well - wow and betide them!! And have a a biological age as well - they can still produce sperm but it's not the same quality. 

My parents were dad was 43...but he died when I was 30. But I feel I didn't miss out - it was definitely a quality relationship. And you know 46 isn't old!!

lizbette July 29, 2020

@anonymous Do you realise how condescending your comments about guiding older women and their 'fear' of technology and other generalisations you made comes across? Completely tone deaf. 

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