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lizbette June 4, 2023

Let me add to that one - don't keep on mentioning how 'dry' my skin is each time I go in for a brow wax. Every. Time. This was at a last beautician I went to. My current one is fab - no upselling!!

lizbette May 18, 2023

@snorks They just didn't have the time - I just had to take a message - it was a massive restructure and they were dealing with literally hundreds of applications - HR only had about 5 or so people there and so many hours in the day.

lizbette May 17, 2023

@sgtin No. Sorry. You actually don't. 

lizbette May 17, 2023

@dhenn Oh?? so no-one has a second job to pay a mortgage they alone are responsible for? or a carer? or a volunteer?? Interesting. 

lizbette May 17, 2023

Everyone has a cross to bear in life. Sometimes it's kids, sometimes it's other things. Kids are not the only things in life that make you tired. A stressful job, being a carer, mental illness, disability, the list goes on.

I had a sibling who was a hopeless addict. I had a father with dementia. I couldn't 'fix' that. Constantly watching out for an addict almost broke me. Him constantly ringing me up threatening all sorts of things. That was exhausting. And no - I don't have children - but it was during that time it was a wonder I didn't have a nervous breakdown. 

You ultimately made that decision to have children. That was a choice. I didn't choose to have things happen to me. Like I said as we get older we all have stresses that tire us - health issues, job loss, housing security, you name it. Mothers' don't have a monopoly on tiredness. Can this please stop??

lizbette May 17, 2023

@di_p again - I had a sibling with addiction. There are also full-time carers who are childless. Like I said parents are not the only ones allowed to be tired. 

lizbette May 17, 2023

@tanyan I was chasing around an alcoholic sibling. That wasn't very fixable either. Looking after old parents especially one with dementia wasn't very fixable either. I had both and I'm childless. I couldn't walk way either. 

The point is - is that everyone has stresses - not just parents. 

lizbette May 17, 2023

I'm a Receptionist and we were advertising for positions after a massive restructure. Anyhow this young man was getting upset with the hiring process - I told him I could not put him through because the HR dept was processing hundreds of applications. He got very shirty with me and said 'SO YOU CAN'T PUT ME THROUGH?'. I replied 'Not with an attitude like that now or ever. Goodbye'. I got his number, emailed it through to HR so they could match it with his application and gave them the heads up what a complete a-hole he was. 

Moral of the story - don't ever put the Receptionist out when you are applying for a job. They are the gatekeeper and have no compunction about talking smack about you if you are rude to them. 

lizbette April 26, 2023

Saw her show taped live in NYC - she's exactly what you see is what you get - talked to the audience in a lovely chatty way - lovely and very genuine. 

lizbette March 16, 2023

She doesn't look healthy - she looks really unwell and drawn. No thanks. 

lizbette January 28, 2023

Make sure the 'Beginners' class is really the Beginners class. I had a bad experience with one chain studio where it clearly wasn't. I later found out it was a mixture of beginner/intermediate. It was just get people into the studio. And the instructor couldn't of cared less. It was really off-putting. 

lizbette June 17, 2022

I had one who said when discussing diets - 'Yes, I would prefer you were slimmer'. When he wanted to meet up later I just blocked him. Done. 

lizbette June 5, 2022

@cat Exactly. Try telling my old personal trainer that. She did a number of certificates, would of had rudimentary knowledge of nutrition during her one year course at TAFE but it's not degree level - i.e. studying food, diet is what a dietician has done exclusively for four years straight - sometimes at Masters level. She even got her nose out of joint when I verified that her assessment of my foot was indeed correct after I spoke to a Podiatrist. She seemed offended when I deferred to people who had degree level knowledge or practised this exclusively as opposed to someone who was certificate level. 

If you want to be taken a little bit more seriously - than do the work - go back to study, do a degree etc. 

I'm doing a Diploma in Counselling. It's entry level stuff - mental health first aid stuff. It would be a bit like me getting my nose out of joint if a client saw a psychiatrist because they needed help with medication or had much deeper training or knowledge on the client's issues than myself. It would be highly unethical and dangerous for me as a counsellor to think that I could help them entirely.  It's the same thing. Stick to your lane!

lizbette June 4, 2022

Great article. I just wish more PT's would see the light. I've just fired my personal trainer because of a number of issues - she operated out of her area competencies such as putting me on a diet that made me put on even more weight, she got upset when I went to an actual dietician to make sure I was eating in a nutritious manner. She would also put other related professions down because deep down she was either too lazy to further her knowledge and was threatened by them. 

She was as toxic AF. When I told her I just wanted to focus on strength and not being weighed weekly I know in her mind she took it as someone (me) who was running away from something and then she would sneakily ask 'how is your diet going?'. She just didn't get it. Just a mean girl vibe. So glad I stopped training with her. Bleeerrr.

lizbette April 17, 2022

Sorry - but being a working mother was no big deal back in the 90s. I don't know where younger people get this idea that somehow their generation revolutionised everything. It was the mid 90s not the mid 60s.

lizbette February 17, 2022

The thing is - it's not about her 'ageing gracefully' and then being told to shut-up and now go away and take your medicine.  She had a procedure that went wrong - it was a botched procedure. I think some people take some kind of secret delight in a former supermodel having has this done to her. 

We all know our bodies change as we get older - but she should of had this procedure and this shouldn't of happened. It's bit like having breast implants and it going wrong and just saying 'oh deserved this because you are so vain'. Negligence is negligence is negligence. This could of happened to anyone. 

She deserves compensation and validation. Not mockery. 

lizbette February 9, 2022

And I might add Guest...alot of these people I deal with run associations or clubs and when I suggest they send us an email they won't do it - if you want that kind of responsibility you have to start living in 2022 not 1975.

lizbette February 9, 2022

@guest2 Sure - that's true - but you cut yourself off from pretty much anything these days if you don't get on board. You have to go with the flow. 

lizbette February 8, 2022

Oh god yes!!! I'm a receptionist and it drives me to absolute distraction when you get people who are in their 60s/70s and refuse to use the internet or email to do stuff. You are not that 'old'. The internet/email is about 25 years old - you've had plenty of time to get used to it. It's not a new fangled invention that you wish would go away.

You know...don't bitch about a world you think you don't understand and wish for the 'good old days' when you actively refuse to engage in it. 

lizbette January 27, 2022

Kookai are bad as well - they don't stock beyond a size 12 - 14.