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kylo January 25, 2021

Monica, I'm sending hugs through the ether.  I know exactly how you feel.  My dad too is struggle with the 'pointy' end of life and a man who was once an active, witty, fun-loving whirlwind is now struggling with mobility in both mind and body.  Aging is a terrible thing to witness (on so many levels) and yes, it doesn't matter how much a part of life this cycle is, it's hard.  I try to spend as much time as I can with him, be that in person or via tech.  I have no wonderful words of wisdom other than, I hear you and wish you all the best.

Kylo February 11, 2020

My heart breaks for Dolly and her family. What they are saying about kindness and empathy is paramount to a better society all round. Bullying rears it head is so many ways, with young people everywhere needing to manage it on a daily basis. More accountability on behalf of parents, peers etc. It's about listening to that little voice when something isn't quite right ... standing up and saying "stop that", or "that's not cool". My son has been the victim of some serious vindictive behaviour from girls, and strangely the parents believe their daughters to be innocent little angels. Lets wake up and accept that, in general, the age of innocence is lost as soon as devices are in their hands. What you say, do, gossip about and do to another human being NEEDS an empathetic view. It should be the only way we interact with each other. I commend you on all that your are doing Kate and family. Inspirational.

Kylo December 4, 2019

Girls - thank you, thank you, thank you. You have articulated what is so important for our young people. Yes it's great to put an effort in for schooling, but it is certainly not the be all and end all, and very often those high achievers, as you have mentioned, fall from grace and find that the sheltered educational system we endure is not really what is relevant in the real world, nor does it get revisited with the same enthusiasm as the final results of secondary schooling do. Wonderful that you both have such a level head and/or attitude and it is a great message to share.

Kylo October 13, 2019

Yes the girls are sending photos, and the young boys are also having to navigate this 'intriguing' world of images. Spare a thought for the young male teens out there who often get branded with doing the wrong thing, but they have an immature frontal lobe just like the young girls and also need guidance and encouragement to use these platforms appropriately. What young boy EVER turned his head the other way when images of pretty girls were available to view. Try to keep perspective of the fact that it is all our young people who struggle with this, not just girls.

Kylo May 15, 2019

Designers don't need to do anything. It is us, the consumers, who dictate what happens. If we don't support their clothes, due to insufficient diversity in presentation, what choice will they have other than to provide that diversity on the catwalk. I agree with other comments about 'the coat hanger' look models - so true, but ultimately consumers keep buying products promoted in this way, so why would the industry make any changes.

Kylo May 13, 2019

Arya is going to wear Jon's face and kill Danerys!!!!

Kylo March 27, 2019

Perhaps its time Australia began looking to other countries which take a different approach to traumatised children ... yes they deserve empathy, and as mentioned, so do those whose cars have been damaged, who bodies have been violated aggressively, whose feelings have been hurt.

Kylo December 9, 2018

Brilliant - we don't know what other steps this parent took, which may have involved talking with his daughter about the implications. I think posting is a good idea as it may give other parents the courage to parent their 'bullies' in the same way. I tip my hat to him.

Kylo October 22, 2018

Shona - it is wonderful that you were able to articulate in a non-threatening manner, without pushing blame. I recall reading the post you refer to and agree wholeheartedly with you. Everyone has to come to their own clarity and it often takes time. Hopefully your story will help this lady get through her tough times.

Kylo October 8, 2018

I agree BB - more of the stuff that really matters - do people really care that much about the bachelor ... we need to adjust our social norms of what is important. Sad to think these poor women lost their lives and hardly anybody knows.

Kylo May 8, 2018

Wow - congratulations seems an empty sentiment Julie, but what an achievement

Kylo March 15, 2018

I ensure each of my kids have a chance to cook the family meal once each week. That way they get to choose what they want to cook/eat and I get three nights off (3 kids). Put their meal requirements into your weekly shop list. WIN/WIN

Kylo February 27, 2018

What a great public health initiative if this could happen. Many of us have the best of intentions when we go shopping; lists, steel determination and full tummies, but seeing this stuff really makes it hard. I have many friends who eat whatever they want and never change in their weight, but I sadly do not fall into this category and need to constantly watch every food item. We all know not to eat the processed stuff, but that human factor always comes in to play. Great idea.

Kylo October 29, 2017

I agree with you that obesity is killing us as a nation to a certain extent, however there are areas that are not so black and white. Many friends that I have eat poorly and still maintain a slim physique. There are individual differences that play a role in the weight debate. I agree wholeheartedly that we need to be aware of what we put in to our bodies and how we treat our bodies, but research shows that trying to embarrass people into losing weight does not work long term. There needs to be a more holistic approach rather than just diet and exercise. We also know that lower SES communities suffer higher degrees of obesity and lower health and well-being when compared to higher SES communities. It is not black and white on any level.

Kylo August 16, 2017

Having a 13 year old son who plays league each week, I do think Vaka should play up a year, with team members more his own size. In my son's competition there are many kids that a nearly twice the size of other kids in the team and it really is akin to running into a brick wall. By playing up with kids his own size, he won't be stifling his talents, he will be learning a better set of skills as he will need to approach the game differently. At present, the other team are just like flies in the way. I certainly don't believe he should be excluded from the game altogether, but really, these are young kids, and at 7 or 8, won't reach physical maturity for quite some time. All the best to him in his chosen sport!

Kylo July 30, 2017

It's not like mammia to be sensationalistic. This is a potentially dangerous post. One published editorial does not equate to peer reviewed scientific research. Please be careful about how you publish articles, especially in relation to health.

Kylo November 17, 2015

Beautiful! Twenty one is young for any new parent these days. Absolutely love hearing good news.

Kylo August 8, 2015

It is always about choice! Many discussions of this nature often turn to those left behind, their grief, pain, suffering. Perhaps it's our society's view on death and dying that needs debate rather than judging another adequately informed person on their choice for their own death. What courage and insight Gill showed. No one had to find her crumpled body and bare the shock of her suiciding, those who mattered knew her wishes and were able to say their goodbyes. How wonderful to have a choice.