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Will's Mum April 3, 2015

No ring on my husband's finger. I really don't care. He knows he's married. I wear mine but I do love rings and diamonds. Each to their own.

Will's Mum January 24, 2015

I thought the same. Their posture changed and they looked more confident and comfortable after the change. Amazing.

Will's Mum January 21, 2015

Excellent response

Will's Mum January 1, 2015

Our daycare ladies say it to my endlessly deaf-to-instruction son. And dammit, it works.

Will's Mum December 28, 2014

My first marriage at 26 lasted 13 months. The only crap part of the divorce was telling our parents but once that nano second of embarrassment passed, all I felt was relief. I was not going to have a lifetime of misery.

Will's Mum December 28, 2014

I call that a lucky escape. Pity he didn't think to sort his shit out before marriage though. Onwards and upwards.

Will's Mum December 3, 2014

Glasses on kids is so tricky. My boy has been wearing them since he was 18 months. I cried when I found out he'd need them from such a young age. It changed his beautiful face. I'm used to them now, nearly a year down the track. I now think at least I'm giving his eyes a fighting chance of improving or at least not get any worse. Kids will be kids and hopefully your son has a better time in school because he will be able to see. Imagine him struggling because he couldn't see.

Will's Mum November 26, 2014

Gosh I love Roald Dahl. Thanks for that flashback to his books.

Will's Mum November 26, 2014

Imagine how the photos would turn out if taken by someone so resentful compared to that of someone supportive. I don't agree with the business but like anything in my life, I really appreciate it when people show me they're a dickhead early on so I can choose something/someone else. It's the business' loss and a bullet dodged for the couple.

Will's Mum November 24, 2014

Fabulous and congratulations.

Will's Mum November 7, 2014

I thought it odd how she searched him out, not using the legitimate channels. Curiosity question, if they were to separate would there be a custody issue? In the program he was referred to as Daddy but the child came about through single person ivf. Does anyone know?

Will's Mum November 7, 2014

I think you missed the point. This is HER story. It doesn't need to take into account the plight of anyone else or indeed tick all the boxes that others deem more important.

Will's Mum October 17, 2014

What a shock!!! Hope it all works out.

Will's Mum October 16, 2014

Bloody hell well done you carrying that around! ! I thought my 4.22kg (exit via sunroof) baby was big enough!

Will's Mum October 14, 2014

It was one of the creepiest segments in tv I've seen for a while. It was mesmerising for all of the wrong reasons. Car crash tv that confirmed my hatred of clowns (and Mark Holden).

Will's Mum October 6, 2014

I used to be that way, now I just go with it. Noted my son has been known to wear some very strange outfit combos, but they're happy.

Will's Mum October 6, 2014

Currently sitting on couch eating smarties while husband cleans kitchen and vacuums to his own peculiar standard. I know which evening I prefer!

Will's Mum October 3, 2014

Damn straight

Will's Mum October 2, 2014

When will they learn. If the stylist puts you in the black dress, sure bet he hasn't picked you!

Will's Mum September 18, 2014

We've had the nicest day snuggling. So relaxed and happy. My son is having a ball at my best friend's place with her 2 boys. There is nothing bad about today.