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hermione April 7, 2024

Happy ending is certainly not how I’d describe it… 

hermione February 20, 2024

I would love to know what Holly thinks will happen when William is king! Eg Could he take away their titles? 

hermione February 1, 2024

@taintedblackcat  this needs to be anonymous

hermione January 23, 2024

All these memes, tweets and headlines are not mentioning America Ferrera’s nomination. Barbie got one acting nomination for a woman and one for a man. Why did it have to be Margot Robbie for people to be ok with it? 

hermione December 27, 2023

What do you mean by “it’s frictionless” ?

hermione December 20, 2023

@emmayoung1 it means the other 50% she owns also dropped in value significantly so it’s not exactly a good thing. But some mesia outlets are choosing to report on it as a success story. The headline could easily have been “Go To shares plummet”. That is what happened.

hermione December 19, 2023

The narrative that this is a triumph for Foster Blake is fun but what this really means is that the value of the company plummeted and she and her business partner have taken a risk by buying back shares in the hope they can grow it back to what it was. In real terms she has lost a huge amount of value. Only time will tell if this was a good deal!

hermione September 12, 2023

I think sentencing should be based on the crime, not your mate’s opinion of you or how many friends you have.

If two people commit the same crime but one has lots of friends willing to write a reference and the other doesn’t, how does that change anything about the punishment they deserve? 

hermione September 12, 2023

I often say I could never be a stay at home mum but it’s because it would be too hard for me. I’m not cut out for it. I’d be bad at the job and I wouldn’t enjoy it. 

hermione August 16, 2023

Well said!

hermione August 15, 2023

How is it relevant which school one of the rescued people attended and if it is relevant then why only 1 of them?

hermione August 10, 2023

This headline is very misleading 

hermione August 4, 2023

I had the exact same thought as Clare about the scene with the lady at the gallery and then her throwing out the spanks! Hated it.

hermione June 18, 2023

Great article but any Outlouder would know that Mia’s kids seem to have turned out alright so she either wasn’t a helicopter parent like she says or it’s not that bad.

hermione June 4, 2023

There’s no right or wrong decision but I also feel like you don’t need to make the decision now! You’re young. Just see what happens and either outcome is fine. 

hermione May 30, 2023

@kirstenhoogenraad they don’t own the company so they can’t pass it down to their child. Tom is an employee. 

hermione May 23, 2023

Or how about just giving the paying customer a break. Cracked heals? Unshaven legs? Bitten nails? Maybe they’re living and busy and stressful life and want a break and some help with their nails and they’re paying you to do it!! Be kind.  

hermione May 23, 2023

 @mumofboys yes… whilst I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, I was cringing reading this especially when it came to the comparison to Keira Knightly who is described as having “English Rose lips” vs a black woman who is “entirely out of place”. Eeeeek! How did this get published?! 

hermione May 22, 2023

Who is the police officer in the photo in this article? 

hermione March 7, 2023

I think the reason Harry didn’t talk about Andrew in his book is because of how close he is to Andrew’s daughters. I find that hypocritical because his uncle has literally done the worst of any other royal family member and, as Holly said on the podcast, it’s probably the best example of the media using stories about Megan to distract from Andrew.