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odessa3 April 29, 2024

I have been checking various mascaras out for a while now. My favourite is Bobbi Brown smoky mascara. I'm 54. It doesn't smudge and gives long lashes. No sensitivity. Sometimes I use Jane iredale lash serum, it works and not very expensive. Tip: BB sells a double pack of smoky mascara and sometimes you can buy it on sale

odessa3 June 19, 2023

I used Jane Iredale lash serum. I believe it's organic brand. It works after 2-3 tubes.

odessa3 June 18, 2023

She is still doing her podcast though

odessa3 May 6, 2023

The best item is Leigh s pants! Not described sadly. 

odessa3 April 3, 2023

Is Clare married to a twin?

odessa3 April 3, 2023

Congratulations lovebirds! Mazel tov!

odessa3 April 1, 2023

So much suffering, I'm sorry for you. I'm a dopamine dresser myself but not as slim. I was a MOB in 2019 and after a brief search online I found Forever new website with enormous choices gearing specifically towards wedding. I m pale so needed a bright colour. Bought dark red lacy midi dress which only cost slightly over $100. I re wore it since to another wedding. Btw my favourite outfit was mint pant suit "Kardashian mum"

odessa3 February 28, 2023

With all due respect to Drew she doesn't look great for her age. I'm focusing on her fun show instead

odessa3 February 8, 2023


odessa3 February 1, 2023

Your daughter looks beautiful! I don't recall my daughter s 13th year with fondness. Lots of arguments and bursting into tears. However it did get better. Don't text her, just track her on Google maps or Find my iPhone. 😉

odessa3 January 10, 2023

There was no need to be rude to Kate. M and H should have attended to the father problem immediately instead of texting him. They are just not clever! It was strategically important to be in Kates good books. Kate is not a vicious person from all accounts. I reckon she is much nicer than William

odessa3 January 10, 2023

I am sorry for the suffering he endured. Many had much much worse. They are unable to get paid for their life stories because they are not famous. 

odessa3 December 17, 2022

We are changing in different ways, it's impossible to help all the changes. Just look after yourself. I will not waste thousands on these procedures

odessa3 December 10, 2022

I'm 53 with grown up children. I organised social club and met other women who had children earlier

odessa3 December 10, 2022

They are just not clever. Everything they wanted could have been achieved quietly. Meghan is clearly imbalanced probably due to childhood.

odessa3 August 20, 2022

I'm 52 and I'll never consider Botox. Granted, I'm gifted with the good skin and my face is not expressive type. I sleep and I don't sunbake. I don't eat meat. I'll never inject poison in my face. Gwyneth and Oprah and many others also rely on other methods. When a woman gets older her hairstyle and nice clothes make her look. For your frown lines I recommend Wrinkles shminkles forehead patch. You have a multi-million dollar company to show for your face. If you did nothing and slept in every day you would have less wrinkles... Enjoy your success and non invasive facial treatments

odessa3 May 19, 2022

Pictures are taken in different light so it's impossible to compare properly. What are the your thoughts on different products and their longevity?

odessa3 February 26, 2022

Ukrainians are appalled at what is happening with small minority wanting Russia to take over because they hope for better economic management. Russian pensions are much higher. My family members are angry at Ukrainian govt due to poverty they are experiencing

odessa3 February 26, 2022

As a native Russian speaker I have been checking social media to see Russian and Ukrainian people reactions to current events. Many Russians are condemning the war, a minority think Ukrainians should be punished for killing Russians during last 8 yr fighting at Donbas . Clearly this minority follows Russia s official media channels.

odessa3 February 21, 2022

The abs are real. We ve seen them before. The face is not and the whole image is not appropriate.