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sjcme June 5, 2023

@mamamia-user-556745246 yes it does! And it worries me that people will feel they’ll need to consider the therapists “feelings” especially with the last point. I’m not saying don’t consider us as humans. But I want my clients to feel it’s a safe space where they can explore their inner world. I don’t want them focusing on me in that room. 

sjcme June 5, 2023

@snorks I can see your point. He’s filling a vacuum. Maybe check out Tim Winton’s speech in the Guardian called About the boys. It made me think how much has been lost in our society and might explain some of why someone like Tate has such a following.

sjcme June 4, 2023

Ouch. I’m a clinical psychologist and some of this sounds pretty harsh to me. I hope the readers of this realise it’s just one therapist’s perspective, they don’t speak for all of us!

sjcme June 3, 2023

@snorks do you mind explaining what points you think are good? I’m legitimately interested, not trying to stir. 

sjcme June 3, 2023

@snorks that’s a fair comment you make. Hate is pretty blinding and doesn’t help have open dialogue about topics. Maybe the hate comes from a place of fear. The messages he promotes are largely pretty frightening, especially if you’re the mum of little kids who are so impressionable. It’s definitely a tricky one!

sjcme June 3, 2023

I think is the best article I’ve ever read on mamamia. Thank you so much for writing it. I’m going to share it with my mums groups and family 👏

sjcme June 2, 2023

@taylor.albert you sound like a fan of his 

sjcme May 30, 2023


sjcme May 7, 2023


sjcme May 2, 2023

Yep 👍 

sjcme April 29, 2023

This must be so heartbreaking for you. So sad what has happened to our children. You sound like an amazing parent and I truly believe that is what will get you both through this. He will be an amazing and sensitive man because of you holding his hand through this ❤️

sjcme April 6, 2023

Beautiful article. So honest about such a shame filled topic. Your baby is lucky to have a mum who is so strong in her vulnerability ❤️

sjcme April 6, 2023

I’ll be supporting any move that can begin to heal the wounds that have and continue to be caused. We’re so fortunate to have the oldest living culture in our country, we should be grateful to hear their thoughts. 

sjcme March 22, 2023

Wonderful article. Thank you. 👏👏👏

sjcme February 3, 2023

This woman would have likely been so out of touch with reality that she thought she was doing the right thing. Having worked with people who have harmed or taken their children’s lives as a result of psychosis, my heartbreaks for them when they become well enough to realise what they have done. It is a fate I would not wish on anyone. And it goes to show just how much mothers need support and how modern civilization is not meeting that need. 

sjcme January 4, 2023

This is amazing. Thank you for the list at the end. So refreshing to have something positive to focus on!

sjcme December 20, 2022


sjcme December 8, 2022

I really hope that we don’t end up in a position where these people are heroes. Sadly I don’t think that will be the case. They inconvenience us now, but one day we may view them very differently.