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alicia-gray July 25, 2020

Her first love was not Stephen, the song Hey Stephen is written about Stephen Coletti who starred in White Horse music video years after her first album. Tim McGraw is about a summer love reminiscent of the song August and she mentions a Drew in teardrops on mg guitar and Corey in Stay Beautiful both on her first album, neither of which seem to be her first love. I do believe Joe Jonas (last kiss, forever and always, better than revenge, superstar) was her first love. 

Alicia August 22, 2017

You make is sound like a crime to like having things. I try to have a minimalist lifestyle, I own only what I need. This article is extremely pushy and unfair to tell people they are living life wrong. It’s none of our business how much stuff people have. I understand you feel free and more holistic but this is a bit much.

Alicia July 23, 2017

Speaking as a Millennial - I can spend $25 at Woolies and make 12 meals, chuck them in the freezer and eat them whenever I want. My best friend(also a Millennial) made 6 weeks worth of meals and froze them, cost her around $300 and she didn't have to cook for 6 weeks(of course she did if she felt like it). So I hope that helps you understand, not all of us are in the same box. I earn enough to eat takeaway for every meal and I despise cooking, but we aren't all the same :)

Alicia July 13, 2017

Do you not find it strange however, that in order to become an employee of an airline (flight attendant or other) you need to undergo an extensive medical? They might not tell you, but you're definitely getting pregnancy tested right here in Australia.

Alicia July 10, 2017

Well said Mia. Our dog was not adopted, mostly because I had no idea about dog adoption when we got her years ago, but our next pet will be. I can't believe how people are treating Lena for doing the right thing.

Alicia July 9, 2017

I feel like you're implying that we only call our daughters pretty. That we don't tell them they are intelligent, capable and worthy? I tell my 10 year old sister all the time that she looks amazing in certain outfits(not implying she doesn't look amazing all the time), I tell her when a shirt isn't fitting right and guess what? She doesn't give a damn if her hair isn't brushed or that her outfit doesn't fit right. She only cares that she's happy. She's got a fierce quality about her where, guess what, she doesn't give a damn if I call her pretty because she knows it's not the be all end all.

Alicia July 9, 2017

This is a straight up no from me. Heights and steep railways? Nope. Ahh. Giving me a panic attack thinking about it. Sounds like the kids loved it though.

Alicia July 6, 2017

Who's paying $2.95 for Homebrand bread? It's $0.85 in Coles but I want to try thing mayo thing!!

Alicia July 6, 2017

I don't think you're overreacting. My little sister has a friend like this. They met in prep and remained best friends until the end of year 4. They're now in year 5. Her friend drove me up the wall. They stopped being friends because the "violet" got too big for her britches and luckily my sister had enough sense to tell her best friend they couldn't be friends any more. I guess you have to trust your daughters sense of judgement, even if it takes her a little while to realize. I think you have to put up with Violet and hope you have raised your daughter to know the value of good friendships.

Alicia June 25, 2017

Jessie, thanks for always bringing up those of us who have toxic mothers. I always feel left out of this conversation because people forget that mothers sometimes abandon their children. I saw the title of The Well's new podcast in my feed and immediately told myself I couldn't listen because they wouldn't be able to represent all mothers and that would be triggering for me. I know you have a wonderful mother (from what I've heard on Out Loud) so thank you.

Alicia June 24, 2017

This advice is a bit odd. As someone who has done alot of work on her finances, I can tell you that this advice can be really dangerous. Why would you carry that much cash? And unless you travel a lot why in different currencies? Wouldn't you be better off saving the money in AUD?? And owning expensive items is nice, unless you're broke and can't afford it? I think that a finance expert would be better off giving advice, not someone who managed to get themselves out of a high amount of debt.

Alicia June 18, 2017

Have you heard of the blog Pinch of Yum? A food blogger and her husband experienced a terrible loss when their baby boy Afton passed away in their arms at about 21 weeks. Lindsay, his mom, expressed her breast milk and donated it to mothers how needed it. Then she got some of her breast milk made in jewelry so she could have a piece of her son that she tragically lost. I think this is beautful way for all mums to hold onto something.

Alicia June 12, 2017

Is that not doing what she done to the other person? You've just publicly shamed Dani. I don't even know who Dani is, and I don't agree with her choice to post what she did. But you sunk to her level.

Alicia June 6, 2017

I just went to Woolies and paid $25.00 and cooked 10 meals to freeze...I guess if you're busy and have $$$

Alicia June 6, 2017

And all this reminds me of is Gilmore Girls "he bought her a BIRKIN BAG??". In all honestly, it's not that ugly. But I totally agree with you Jessie.

Alicia June 1, 2017

I love that idea about a podcast for women about finance. Have you heard of Canna Campbell? I've been following her advice for years - she has a Youtube Channel titled Sugar Mama TV(cause we don't need sugar daddys) and she has SO much useful advise for women.