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mamamia-user-450417826 April 8, 2022

The Compassionate Friends is a charity in each state that provides grief support services for parents who have lost a child. They are usually run by parents who have also lost their child and can be of great support and provide a community. 

mamamia-user-450417826 March 18, 2022

There is so much research online about the danger of contact sport on the brain. Instead our society continues to glorify sports and encourages kids to play… when will everyone see the risks aren’t worth it?

mamamia-user-450417826 March 7, 2022

As someone with naturally fine and light eyebrows I am so glad for this trend to come back. I would receive judgement for my skinny eyebrows from other women (friends/hairdressers/beauticians), telling me I needed to use pencils/get them tinted. I wish people just stopped following ‘trends’, like seriously who cares??

mamamia-user-450417826 March 6, 2022

Badass 🤘

mamamia-user-450417826 February 11, 2022

My brother is trans and this whole thing is just disgusting. He constantly feels as if he needs to hide his transgender identity out of fear of this! I’m so disturbed by this religious discrimination bill and yet not at all surprised. I went to a strict catholic highschool in brisbane (10 years ago) that did exactly what these 2 schools are doing Hope the bill is never revived - these schools shouldn’t be able to use their faith to discriminate anymore!

mamamia-user-450417826 January 20, 2022

@snorks Registered and practising Psychologists either have a 2 years Masters degree or 4 year PhD (sometimes even specialising in eating disorders) in addition to their Bachelors degree with honours...

mamamia-user-450417826 December 13, 2021

Yeah I literally know no one who does all of these things 

mamamia-user-450417826 December 5, 2021


mamamia-user-450417826 November 19, 2021

Ugh can relate 😔

Had a 25 year old bf when I was 17. Thought I was so cool and grown up but was just his plaything for 2 years. It was so pathetic - I always pining over him, and he would dump me then take me back when it suited him, only to cheat on me at the very end.
He was also my manager at my part time job - so disturbing to think about now that I’m 30.

mamamia-user-450417826 September 10, 2020

Agree with you on this - that quiet rage that sits inside. My hubby and I are from qld (only moved to vic in last year) and we haven’t been able to see our friends and family since Xmas. Our family and friends in qld don’t get it either which is infuriating. They just don’t understand what it’s like to be restricted to do normal things and say generic crap like ‘oh it will get better’. I hate living here In our tiny 1 bedroom apartment, I hate that lockdown made us use all our savings because our work was cut, I hate the restrictions that keep us inside for 23hrs a day, and I hate that it’s all completely out of my control.

mamamia-user-450417826 July 2, 2020

Omg I completely agree, it’s  disgusting how Victoria is being portrayed in the media. All my family is in qld and they keep harping on about how no one is social distancing in Victoria and how it must be terrible here and I just want to SCREAM at them. Unless you live in vic you don’t know sh*t - it is completely normal here and people are distancing etc just like everywhere else so don’t insult my home! 

mamamia-user-450417826 June 13, 2020

I ask people where they’re from regardless of how they look because I myself am not from Melbourne. I moved here from another city and I’m just making conversation (to talk about if they like Melbourne too if they like the weather you know) nothing sinister or race related! It almost feels like as a white person you can’t ask an innocent questions now out of fear of being perceived as offensive even though you don’t mean anything by it.

Laura March 22, 2020

100% agree with this! Everyone I talk to is completely confused. The government is just scolding citizens no matter what we do. Either we’re too panicked (buying everything) or too relaxed (going to venues).

How can we know what to do when they say we’re in a pandemic and non-essential services will be closed, and yet they keep hairdressers, retail giants, every bloody service and schools open?? How can you go to the beach and get in trouble, yet getting you hair done at a crowded shopping centre is ok?

Laura March 22, 2020

My issue is that we booked a trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago (for the end of this year) then realised we probably can’t realistically afford to go anymore after reviewing our savings.

I have been trying to cancel every since and can’t through to anyone! We definitely can’t even afford to go now with all the covid-19 shutdowns and our cancellation fees are increasing with every passing day, yet we can’t get through to anyone.

Laura March 17, 2020

My hubby and I are keen to self isolate it and when we get sick/have to! It will be a fun time together like a mini holiday :)

Laura January 11, 2020

Actually PCOS has been linked to genetically where it’s likely to run in families according to newer studies. It is not caused by the pill. Teenage girls present with the PCOS symptoms (acne, moodiness, abnormal period, and or excess facial hair) and then are put on the pill to treat it (as hormones in pill correct hormonal imbalance removing the symptoms) - essentially masking the issue. It is usually diagnosed later in life when the woman goes off the pill trying to conceive, and can’t fall pregnant. - someone who has PCOS, and been treating it through diet/exercise for two years.

Laura January 9, 2020

Poor Micah. They totally made him out to be a villain on Bride and Prejudice with their heavy editing.

Laura December 26, 2019

My husband and I were married at 28 which isn’t really young but unfortunately I look about 20 and my husband looks about 35 (even though I’m older than him!) so the judgement from vendors was strong. Even as we checked into our hotel (we had a destination wedding), there was a ‘oh you’re the bride? But you’re so young!’ It was so uncomfortable and insulting! And shopping with my mum for her outfit, involved a ‘you can’t be the bride, you’re too young!’ comment from the sales assistant. It really put a dampener on my spirits.

Laura December 26, 2019

That ‘Falling Inn Love’ movie was so bad, my husband and I couldn’t even finish it!! It was like they thought that no one would be able to tell the difference between an Aussie and NZ accent!

Laura November 24, 2019