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emilyhughes March 8, 2023

Great article!! Totally agree! Too much, too soon!! 

emilyhughes October 18, 2022

Lol no it doesn’t. I have a 4 year old to prove it and I had the app and did all the temperature measuring. No regrets though she’s lovely!

emilyhughes August 31, 2022

Why won’t she explain her strange hypocritical attachment to her Dutchess title? Unfortunately the more she ‘speaks’ (without speaking) the more out of touch she appears.  Perhaps more focus on the good will work and less on the hardship of finding a mansion. 

emilyhughes August 23, 2022

Omg this is me! My daughter (4) got told off for an oat bar in her lunch because it has 2 tiny chocolate chips in it. It caused me to write a very angry email to the kinder saying that if they have issues with her food to contact me and not shame her directly in front of other kids, I was so angry! 

emilyhughes August 14, 2022

Yes!! The article every parent needs to read today! Thankyou Holly!

emilyhughes August 7, 2022

I WISH this was an option! How many of us can afford to not work at the moment? I’m looking at retuning to work (largely against my wishes) at 6months postpartum because we simply need two incomes. I wish being a mother was given as much credit as someone who has a high paying job. 

emilyhughes July 19, 2022

Oh the ick!! My goodness Anne’s character is arrogant and mean! A confusing mess. Perfectly accurate review!! 

emilyhughes July 11, 2022

It’s such a tricky and terrifying thing to contemplate. Thankyou for articulating what many women think 24/7. As women, information (although at times overwhelming and scary) can be really helpful if you’re thinking you’d like to have a baby one day. Finding out early if you might need a bit of help or not might put your fears at ease a little. Youth only helps to an extent as I had to learn the hard way.  Always trust your gut even if the timing doesn’t seem ‘perfect’