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defineyr July 2, 2024

So here's a question...if Jill Biden gets her husband to give away the last year of his presidency to the vitriol of a corrupt would be dictator...Then who replaces him on the ticket? There's not a lot of name recognition in the Democratic party. The MAGAs are all about the headlines, so people know who they are. 

defineyr June 22, 2024

As my former therapist used to say, "There are no negative emotions, just emotions with bad PR agents." Learning that I could listen to every emotion, say thank you, and then go do what I wanted anyway, was liberating.

defineyr June 12, 2024

Also ask about family history. Stories about their childhood, what they remember about their grandparents, family stories & mysteries. Ask about how their parents met. Ask what they know about their family history. Sit with old family photos and ask who everybody is. You will learn so much about the people you come from.

defineyr June 9, 2024

Oh Sharna! You and me both. 

defineyr March 7, 2024

@polylou CosRx is cruelty free, And that has been certified by third parties. 

defineyr February 6, 2024

Statistically, the average office worker is productive for 3 hours a day. If you think about how much time is wasted in meetings, the overuse of communication tools (think email and slack), and the low level socializing in chit chat that seems to be required in every office, and it's a wonder anybody ever gets anything done. 

defineyr January 24, 2024

Now let's talk about how winning the Oscar boosts your career... Except if you are a woman director, or a woman of color in an actor category. ::insert eyeroll here::

defineyr November 2, 2023

All I ask is that if you are shoes off, you let me know in advance. I hate and despise bare feet, and there is nothing worse than getting dressed, and then being asked to remove things at destination. I can make accommodations for myself that fit with your rules, as long as I know them.

defineyr October 5, 2023

That tracks. My kid was making $60 hr teaching tennis as a teenager, and that was 20 years ago. Depending on the area they're in, and how she markets herself, she can make good money doing that.