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cats fan September 23, 2020

Agree with every word. A very disappointing season. Teenage girls constantly fighting is not interesting tv.

Susan February 5, 2016

In about 20 years time when tatts of most description have gone out of fashion, people with a visible ones (especially on their face and neck) are going to be in all sorts of trouble. Head of Department? Sorry, your neck is tattooed. School Principal? With tattooed knuckles? Head of Finance? You'll have to wear trousers EVERY day to hide the grape vine and spider on your leg. "People should not be judged by their appearance (or their tatts)". What parallel universe do live in??

Susan February 5, 2016

In the late '90s the Victorian Ed Dept. made long service leave accessible after 7 years because young teachers were leaving in droves after 4 or 5 years. They did not enter the profession with any intention of it being a life long career. The underlying reasons for these departures still hasn't been addressed and now teachers in their 50's are leaving. I left in 2008 to work in China for many of the reasons talked about in this excellent article.
Another major problem in Victoria at least is the 'global budget'. Principals more often than not employ young inexperienced teachers because they are much cheaper so experienced teachers are either stuck in the same school or leave. I now teach international students in an ELICOS. NO yard duty, NO parent teacher interviews, NO meetings 3 times a week, NO end of term reports, NO camps, discos or fetes. I get paid to do what I do best - teach!