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alidymmott April 4, 2023

Clare I just listened to the first ep and I absolutely loved it. I was impressed by how honest and reflective you were and I resonated with so much of what you said. I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes, thanks for bringing such a great idea to our ears 

Ps I cried when your mum spoke about you, how beautiful 

alidymmott April 3, 2023

Thank you Jessie and Luca, the photos are gorgeous. You both look like you had an amazing day

alidymmott March 30, 2023

Oh Mia I love the outfit you picked it is perfect for you. I hope today is just as perfect 

alidymmott March 3, 2023

Claire you look absolutely stunning on your big  day. Thanks for such an honest recap of your adventure to find your dress. I also thought I knew what I wanted and then was so disappointed when the dresses didn’t didn’t look how I thought they would. We all end up with a beautiful dress in the end and you are right, my husband couldn’t have cared less what I wore. He loves me in anything. Congratulations on the wedding, and wishing you all the love in the world 

alidymmott October 20, 2022

Wow Mia this is amazing!! Such a great team and I love the Jessie and Clare are involved as well 

alidymmott August 24, 2022

I have really sensitive skin and my dermatologist doesn’t want me to use any of the actives or face oils I thought were really good for anti ageing. She is suggesting I go back to super simple skin care and just get Botox for wrinkled areas. Looking forward to the skin summit to hear more