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janekelly October 17, 2023

I have to disagree with this. I am a person who loves my husband. We both work full time as teachers, and have two children under 3, and we share our domestic duties (easy to do when you have similar work schedules). We don’t have a lot of time for each other unless we really make it at the moment, so we have gotten into a bad habit of only really being intimate or affectionate when having sex. So yeah, I do sometimes get that bristle effect, because over the last few years I’ve been conditioned to relate affection to sex, even if my husband does just want to touch/kiss.

And that’s not an indictment on our relationship! I certainly will not be giving up my wonderful partnership because of it.
If anything, I’m really glad I stumbled upon this video and its strategy for separating affection from sex. I’m sure there are some women who shouldn’t be in relationships with some men, especially if they don’t like the thought of having sex with them as a general rule, but it’s a bit ridiculous to make a sweeping statement that it’s a giant red flag for all couples if they experience this!

janekelly October 14, 2023

I looooove Bobbi. She plays a character so well. It’s very April Ludgate from Parks and Rec. This is such a reach.

janekelly August 10, 2022

@katp I don’t know what the answer to all this is, but just as a personal anecdote - my mum stayed home with me and my five siblings and I had a wonderful childhood, but she recently commented to me that I spend way more time with two boys than she ever did!

Some things she has said:
“I can’t believe you take them out to the park, I could never be bothered with that”
“The five of you all played together so I never had to do much kid-stuff with you guys”
“You always kept yourself occupied so I didn’t think it was too hard to get time to myself”
All these things were said with love and sometimes as a joke but they could be a bit of an insight into that earlier comment about the younger generation spending more time with their kids.

I better mention I love my mum and she’s amazing haha but she definitely didn’t do much with us as kids! 

janekelly June 23, 2022

Not sure about this review. It’s Baz Luhrmann - of COURSE it’s going to be stylistically outrageous and over-the-top. And considering the vast, vast majority of critics are praising Butler’s performance, AND Elvis’s family loved the film as well, I’m sure I’m going to love it.

janekelly October 23, 2021

I think number 5 is really important. When I was in my early 20s I knew that one day I wanted to get married and have kids, so I always told guys I went on dates with that they were my future aspirations. And these guys didn't run based on that info - it normally didn't work out because of other normal reasons. If a guy isn't interested in anything long term, then you want them to run straight away! Knowing what you want and vocalising it is so important.

janekelly September 15, 2021

Me laughing at this article because I have a 16-month-old and another on the way so I won't be bothering to track sleep for a looooooong time *manic laughter*

janekelly August 29, 2021

@mjcarruthers can I also give permission as an internet stranger? I also had no issues with supply and latch was okay, but it hurt and I was miserable and felt like the worst mother on the planet for not having a “real reason” to formula feed. As soon as I switched (which was such a hard decision for some reason) I was so relieved! My 15 month old son is just perfect and I loved bottle feeding - so many perks they don’t tell you about! I’m due with my second in December and though I want to give breastfeeding another go, I will not hesitate to formula feed this time around if it’s not working out. I was such a happy mum once I switched. Good luck :)

janekelly August 29, 2021

I feel so much for the young people in their early 20s. I'm pregnant with my second child at 32 and had my first in May 2020, and while I've been affected by COVID in terms of isolation from family/health services, I often think about how lucky I am that there wouldn't be travel on the cards for me even without COVID. Half the time I think to myself I might as well be in lockdown! But for those young people, it must be so heart-breaking. I teach Year 12 and hearing about how all their hopes for the future are so restricted right now is so sad.

To the author I want to reassure you that you will be still be partying/travelling well into your late-20s if that's what you want - that's what I did :). Hang in there and allow yourself to grieve these lost experiences for now.