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forever3121 December 2, 2023

I have something of "the gift" too, inherited from my aunt, who inherited it from her grandfather.  It's a mixed blessing, but now I use it as a way to protect myself from others.

I highly recommend the book "The Psychic Tests" by Gary Nunn for an in-depth look at spirituality.

forever3121 September 25, 2023

I agree the OG supermodels were extraordinary. I never compared myself to them as I recall a t.shirt in the 90s that read something like "there are 2 billion women in the world and only 8 of them are supermodels".

I also recall one of them being asked why they looked the way they do and the response was "because we are freaks".

Loved the doco!  Cindy was my favourite back in the day, but I loved all their stories ❤️

forever3121 September 8, 2023

I have a similar problem, but I think my issue is I think my friendships are closer than what they are.  I organise the majority of things and I do get some invites back, but they seem closer to others and do more things with then.  It's hurtful and frustrating as I would love 'next level' but can't quite manage it.  

forever3121 August 1, 2023

As a childless gal, I completely understand that your priorities change and you won't be able to catch up as often or for as long as what you might like. I also notice that you seem to have time to catch up with your mother's group or your other friends who have children, so It would be nice if friendship could be recognised as a two way straight rather than prioritising only what suits you.

forever3121 September 14, 2022

I was in this exact same situation and chose to stay in the relationship.  He ended up leaving me two years later.  

I say this with kindness, but don't waste years relying on false hope or manipulation from your MIL.  If he is telling you he doesn't want children, believe him.  

forever3121 September 1, 2022

Not intended as a snark comment, just genuinely curious - are there long term consequences of injecting botox (chemicals?) into your body?  

I would worry for young women that they might suffer health issues down the track if they start so young.

forever3121 June 22, 2022

I was a bridesmaid for my sister and spent $1k on a dress, shoes, hens and gifts.  My sister paid for hair and makeup.  We had a huge falling out afterwards after she falsely accused me of doing something terrible on their wedding day and we have barely spoken since (now 5 years ago).

If I get married, I will be eloping and covering the cost of everything myself.  The wedding industry is truly insane.

forever3121 September 23, 2021

Everyone on the planet has to cook, clean, run personal errands and do life admin whether you work full time, part time or have children or not. I do mine on the weekend which are my days off and I don't complain or expect sympathy or to be wished luck. It's life. Nobody gets a free pass from the mundane or difficult aspects of it.

forever3121 September 23, 2021

My colleagues who work four days per week complain constantly that they are still required to take phone calls, respond to emails or attend important meetings on their day off.

They rightly point out they get paid four days but are required to be "on" for five. I agree completely with them so I always say "enjoy your day off" to acknowledge its a non-working day for them and I won't be contacting them with work related stuff.