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lisagrace December 13, 2020

My new husband's ex wife copied my engagement ring. Like you, I wasn't sure how to feel, but mostly I chose to not care. It's a bit irritating when I think about it but meh who cares really

meganthorley May 9, 2020

I agree with this article completely.
PS there is a typo in the title

Lululili February 18, 2020

We have four kids and even though we mostly cook it adds up so fast. $300 at coles each week plus one day of tuck shop for the kids = $40. One night of takeaway a fortnight = $70. We both work full time and try to take our lunch but would spend around $50 per week on lunch/coffees. If I had more time we could be much more frugal!

Lululili February 5, 2020

Light bulb moment for me. I always give my kids so much lunch even though they don't need it. I also have to make sure they have enough pencils and pens and have a big stash of spares. They have tonnes of underwear and socks.
All the things I never had.

Lululili December 3, 2019

Gifts are welcome?? Haha who says stuff like that??? So much greed!

Lululili November 20, 2019

Oh no! I used to like her! Feels like she sold out?
These are the most pretentious 'first world' unnecessary things money could buy 😥

Lululili October 26, 2019

Totally agree. Marrying my partner later this year, only guests will be our kids. Will be perfect

Lululili December 22, 2018

It has never crossed my mind to buy my friend’s children gifts for Christmas. Kids get enough from family!

Lululili February 18, 2016

ugh can we save the judgement for the actual bad parents? I am a single mother, work full time, have a nanny and do my best. sometimes my nanny does stuff for me that I would rather do myself. I suffer for this much more than my kids do, they love their nanny and she is like family to them. I wouldn't ask her to go to a parent teacher interview but she knows and loves my kids and she would be the next best person after me if I couldn't go.

Lululili January 7, 2016

This event belongs to all of us, not just to those in your town. To all parents, to all communities who face issues of mental illness and domestic violence. We have every right to comment and we need to have a conversation as a country about these horrific events

Lululili September 26, 2014

I love Brisbane. Affordable (although getting harder), beautiful weather, great parks and schools, beaches and rainforest close by, I can cycle to work, clean, safe and very liveable. We have great jobs, mine pays as much or more as I would get in Sydney, so I have heaps more disposable income as my mortgage is very manageable. Brisbane is not perfect, but then nowhere is. There are definitely some areas that I wouldn't live in here. Would move to Melbourne if I had to, but weather nowhere near as good. Wouldn't move to Sydney unless my life depended on it.

Lululili September 17, 2014

Funny article

my list:
those who misuse the drop off/pick up zones at school…def on the list.
parents who don't stop their kids from being little sh*ts at the park e.g. climbing the wrong way up the slide while there is a line up of kids waiting to come down, pushing in etc etc…on the list.
the makers of those little trolleys at coles..I know some parents love them but they are such a pain in the neck when you have two kids who cannot steer who continue to smash you in the ankles…on my list!
People who don't restrain their dogs around my kids, saying "they would never hurt a fly", dogs are unpredictable people, ON MY LIST

Lululili September 1, 2014

sigh…I typed a long answer to this this morning and it seems to have disappeared! Thanks for your question. I don't know that I 'believe' in anything per se. Moreso I am aware that there are lots of things that I don't know and don't understand and I'm OK with that. I expect that over time science will provide more and more of the answers.

What discerns right from wrong for me…the morals I was raised with and an innate sense. I presume that innate sense is a produce of evolution. Early people who looked after each other and did the 'right' thing were more likely to survive. I see in my own children that humans seem to have an innate sense of kindness, and of looking after others. This needs to be encouraged and developed through parenting and modelling of course.

My explanation for why bad terrible things happen in the world is the random nature of our natural world combined with the many failings of human beings as a species. I believe that humans are flawed, but that it is up to us to look after each other and protect the world as best we can. I think the world is exactly as it would be if there were no God…and certainly I have never seen any evidence for one. I don't believe that there is an authority figure waiting to offer us judgement or redemption, as nice as that might be.

I am really interested to hear where you think ebola comes from? Do you think it was created by God? for what reason?
thanks for the discussion

Lululili August 31, 2014

not every doubt and every claim is based on a leap of faith! As a scientist I find this logic astounding. The fact is, (A) there is no evidence for God. I do not need to believe in any (B) to accept this.

Lululili August 31, 2014

I don't have to prove anything. I'm not the one asserting that something exists. Put it this way: I say to you that I believe in a flying spaghetti monster. You disagree. On whom does the burden of proof fall? Do you have to prove that there is no flying spaghetti monster? Is it a position of faith for you that no such creature exists?

Lululili August 31, 2014

Dawkins based this description on the God of the Old Testament. He actually went on to describe him as the most unpleasant character that has ever appeared in fiction. Having read the Old Testament, I tend to agree, God comes across as a bit of a mad bastard.

It's not choosing a position of faith to not believe in something for which there is no proof. Not believing in fairies is not the same act of faith as believing in fairies. Same goes for God.

Lululili August 31, 2014

how can a large majority disagree but an even larger group want to keep things as they are? I'm sorry, but it really seems that you don't like outsiders seeing your country for what it is.

Lululili August 31, 2014

no, I don't think their aim in handing a 9 year old a machine gun was to teach her how to be safe around guns. In any case, massive fail.

Lululili August 31, 2014

just stated them in reference to 'guest's' comments below

Lululili August 29, 2014

the same God who created ebola to start with? Why doesn't God save everyone with the disease? does he love some more than others? and as a courtesy to 'guest', MSc(Med), BAppSc