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any1 June 20, 2022

I had a broken wrist, so had a fibreglass cast on, they opened up the usual metal detector for me to walk through (still don't know why), so I really don't understand how these new machines are better when a piece of plastic will throw them off.

any1 June 9, 2022

It's not just tik-tok, a popular current affairs news program had an story naming and basically promoting the drug for weight loss also. 

Funnily enough, a few weeks later, they aired another story about how people with diabetes are now missing out on the drug...

any1 May 17, 2022

@elishatraill I completely agree with you and well said! My example was a way to work into the current system that we do have as I don't see any significant changes being made anytime soon with the current options we have for leaders in this country, unfortunately.

any1 May 15, 2022

@elishatraill There is also the option of buying a house in a regional area, renting it out (hopefully breaking even) and renting in the city somewhere. I also live in a regional city and have bought a house here, but that's what I'd be doing if I lived in a capital city.

any1 May 5, 2022

I've tried to stay away from reading about this issue because it makes me so angry. I cannot fathom how somebody can place the wellbeing of a cluster of cells over living human women and children. There's mountains of evidence about the trauma and emotional damage of children growing up either without their natural primary attachment or in a home where they are unwanted that is clearly just being ignored here.

Why should one reckless mistake of having unprotected sex, or an experience of being raped, define the rest of the woman's life?

My favourite thing I have read though, is how about making vasectomies mandatory for all men until they prove they are financially and emotionally stable enough to have a family and it can then be reversed.

any1 May 1, 2022

Finally!! It seemed like I was the only one these past few weeks thinking that the abuse was coming both ways!! It seems like because Johnny Depp is a loveable and attractive character he's getting away with his share of the abuse. The whole relationship sounds so toxic and dangerous.

What Amber has done was wrong but Johnny is far from innocent. Yes women can perpetrate family violence, we all know that, but the big factor in FV that makes it such a serious crime is the power imbalance that women face against men. Men are physically so much stronger than women and typically get set off in an uncontrollable rage far more than women - making them that much more terrifying when they're being violent. For me, that's what makes FV against women so heinous - more so than women perpetrating violence against men.

any1 April 25, 2022

Hmm seems a bit propaganda-ish to me. Making it all seem so scary and overwhelming that we run towards travel agents. 

Don't get me wrong, travel agents have done it so tough and deserve their business back, but I think this article will scare people off travelling more than anything...

any1 April 18, 2022

Seems like a recurring theme that parents are taking their children's side over the teacher's which is concerning. Truth is CHILDREN LIE! They want to make adults happy and they will lie to do so. We're going to end up with a huge portion of society who have no respect for authority because their parents have taught them that they don't have to - they'll back them whether they're right or wrong.

any1 April 4, 2022

Olivia's behaviour on MAFS was appalling and she was definitely being a bully, but that doesn't give the public the right to bully or harrass her on mass. 

I hope she learnt her lesson from her career being compromised and it's clear that someone with that personality (which was self-proclaimed, not just edited in) really shouldn't be teaching children, but enough is enough now. To make someone fearful is just not on. There's a point of holding someone accountable and then there's a point beyond where it is constant harrassment, and that's not right.

any1 March 28, 2022

This would have been such a great opportunity for Will and Jada to educate people about auto-immune diseases and preach sensitivity and kindness. If he had have thought about it for a minute and controlled himself, it could have been a really powerful moment.

any1 February 17, 2022

Wow, I am floored. Whether she took the drug intentionally or not, the fact is it is in her system, potentially giving her an advantage. She shouldn't be competing fullstop and whether any sanctions are imposed is a different question.

How horrible for the other athletes to have to miss out on receiving medals - literally the main goal of competing! They'd be devastated.

any1 February 15, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I see your point, but I think blackface is a distinct issue because its whole purpose was specifically used to demean and make fun of black people. Totally unacceptable given that history.

any1 February 13, 2022

I think it's a great thing that this world has so many diverse cultures and races and that people want to share aspects of each other's culture. I find it difficult to understand why the people wearing cornrows or getting BBL's are the ones being scrutinised when it should be the racist people who are demeaning and prejudicial of certain races or cultures.

I just can't wrap my head around how a person mimicking a cultural trait can be the villain in the situation when the issue is members of society not acknowledging the history of the other culture. But then again, I am a white person who has never experienced prejudice, so I'm very happy to be educated on the topic.

Any1 February 8, 2022

Completely agree with the article in terms of using such a serious issue for cheap ratings, though I do have to wonder why she auditioned for a show to 'find love' if she's so short on time, given the success rate of MAFS (or lack of) and the obvious mismatching of all the couples.