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jadebleese June 21, 2020

My twins are five, one eats everything, the other on will only eat kitkats, plain toast (if I bribe him with kitkats), apple juice (100% so almost like eating an apply😬), one brand of vanilla yoghurt and garlic bread. I have to give him the kids vitamins which are like lollies so I know he is getting some nutrients into his body, oh and he likes chocolate cake. Today after much cajoling he ate a sausage, I almost cried tears of joy.

jadebleese April 24, 2020

He was caught on the officers body cam shouting at her as she lay dying, the defence will have trouble painting him as anything but a psychopath.

jadebleese April 24, 2020

He shouted at a dying police officer that his Porsche was fu*ked and it was her fault. He was more concerned with not being able to eat his sushi than the four police dying. He took photos/video of the dying police, offered none of them any assistance, then posted the footage online. He was on the run, didn’t hand himself in, the police arrested him at a chemist in Collingwood. He has been driving recklessly for over a decade. He Has previously assaulted police, he has been recorded shouting at a person with cancer to die. The list is endless, he is scum of the earth.

jadebleese April 23, 2020

Why potty train a child in the front yard? She might appreciate a bit of privacy......

jadebleese April 23, 2020

It is refreshing to hear honest appreciation from someone in hotel quarantine. I would be stoked getting little meal packs like that delivered each day, and yes there is plenty there to pick and choose what you want to eat. Whoever has put the meals together has put thought into it and the Mars bar at every meal is hilarious.

jadebleese April 22, 2020

So very sad. My condolences to their families.

I hope the Porsche driver, mortgage broker douche gets what he deserves.

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